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National Security Strategy in Perspective

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An Alteration within American National Security Strategy Post - 9 11 Attacks (1)

1. National Security Strategy in Perspective
National Security Strategy (NSS) is a process that starts with an assessment of the given situation as the crucial point to ignite the hierarchical process of achieving the ultimate goal of preserving and promoting national interest. Those ends impose apolitical aim and specific objectives that must be attended to achieve the final political goal. Therefore, NSS marks a transitional stage of the problem, from the state of current status conditions to the expected and wanted state of affairs using the political frame as a mediator (NSS Primer 1). This strategic thinking considers the five fundamental elements of logical strategy. First, as explained before, Government analyzes the strategic situation what the challenges to National Security are Second, it finds the answer by using political objectives for final achievements. Third, reinforcing and developing the means by which the objectives will be attained. Fourth, processing the ways and using the means to attain the ultimate objective. Lastly, assessing the risks and costs accompanied the strategy and finding away to minimize them (3). Looking at National Security (NS) from a contemporary perspective will figure in anew challenging international system and the

Kahina GOUDJIL / Hachemi ABOUBOU

rise of a modern structural change that was heralded by the passage of the 1947 National Security Act, culminating after the end of the Cold War in 1991. Though international security stands on the indispensability of a military interaction of sovereign states, the 'state-centered approach' which is the core value of international relations, was the cornerstone of all international relations and global strategies (Patman, 2006, p. 3). However, the post-Cold War era was deeply characterized by the emergence of individuality and the unilateralism of sovereign states. Unequivocally, new dimensions and environments of security measures were created, where the clash overpasses the state sovereignty and its perilous security protection.

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