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An Alteration within American National Security Strategy Post - 9 11 Attacks (1)

Social Sciences
and Humans Review
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ISSN: 1112-685X
EISSN: 2588-2236
Vol : 15 / Issue 01 June 2022
PP : 319 - 332



Published :10/06/2022

Accepted :07/06/2022

Received: 17/10/2021

According to several American and European scholars, intellectuals, and media experts in US. foreign policy, the American national security strategy had witnessed a reformulation in the st century after the 9/11 attacks. In reality, never after Pearl Harbor, America has experienced such a dramatic security event. For which the obvious question remains posed did President
Bush’s National Security Strategy mark anew path to a universal American security measure Did it develop anew policy process with new norms to fit the modern era Accordingly, US. military intervention in Afghanistan aims to preserve freedom, liberal values, deter terrorism, and protect the threatened American security. Hence, we have come with this study to evidence that by the fact that Bush's unilateral preventive war strategy, which witnessed a blatant violation of International Law, Human Rights, and the United Nations Charter of State’s sovereignty, was no more than the natural reaction to their foreign policy adoption of duplicity. The American National Security Policy is, in reality, an overtly way of military expression policy to enforce duplicity.
Keywords: National Security Strategy, Duplicity, Unilateralism, Terrorism, Violations, UN Charter.
Corresponding author.

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