Social Justice Summit 2012 Session I: 10: 30-12: 00 5 hour workshop)

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Social Justice Summit 2012

Session I: 10:30-12:00 (1.5 hour workshop)
The "Good", The "Bad", and the So Called "Hero"

Presenter: Janine Silvis

Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" (2008) has been called out by critics in the New York Times as "Tale of Redemption for an American Racist". This film perpetuates the model minority myth and presents who the "good" Asian is. In addition, the use of gang violence in the film demonstrates who the "bad" Asian is. The duty of "So called hero", Walt Kowalski (played by Eastwood) is to reform the Hmong to and to feel good about helping Thou (Bee Vang) assimilate into to Kowalski's version of American life. In this workshop we will be deconstructing the films use the model minority myth and violence. We will also discuss how to reject the good/bad minority binary as well as recognizing the power "white savior films" have on creating anti-immigration and racist discourse.
Ending Violence: Demilitarizing the US-Mexico Border

Presenter: Jesse Urban

From the militarization of the border itself including the work of paramilitary groups like the Minutemen, to violence perpetrated by some members of I.C.E. and the hundreds if not thousands of young women who have been "disappeared" &/or murdered (a.k.a. femicide) on the border, not to mention the structural violence of poverty and the wanton destruction of the natural environment, all owing to the area's militarization, the US/Mexico is a area rife with violence as a result of both US economic and foreign policy and the representations of migrants as "threatening Others" upon which it operates.
More than Just a Latino Issue: Diversity in the Undocumented Community

Presenters: Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)

We believe in the power of people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives being able to meet, connect, and discuss. Often the immigration debate is played out for us and then presented to us; rarely do we have an opportunity to reflect personally on immigration issues and the immigrants in our daily lives. These presentations present immigration as an experience rather than a position with which to agree or disagree.
The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Presenter: Jeff Borum

If you're heading to a protest or occupation then you want to be prepared, especially if there is a chance that you will run into law enforcement. For instance, do you know how to protect yourself from tear gas or how to combat the effects of it? Do you know where to write the number to your local chapter of the NLG? Do you know what charges may be brought against you for specific acts, or even what type of shoes they allow you to wear when heading to jail for the night? If you want answers, we got'em! If you have answers, bring'em!  And remember: safety first...then teamwork.
Health Has No Borders: Dreaming for a Healthier Community

Presenters: 6RPP, HSU Vox, Students for Choice Club, & Humboldt County Promatoras

In this workshop, representatives from Six Rivers Planned Parenthood and Promotoras will speak about their experiences providing access to reproductive health care for undocumented immigrants in Humboldt County and California at large.  The Health Care Reform bill that was passed by President Obama in 2010 will increase access to healthcare for many Americans; however this bill excludes newly legal citizens for up to 5 years and all those who are undocumented.  We will be talking about what this will mean for the current California family planning program FamilyPACT, which provides no cost services for people who are uninsured and undocumented, and also find out how Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California are working to close the gaps in reproductive health care.  SRPP and Promotoras invite you to a discussion on health care in the United States and to share your dreams for a healthier community.

US Immigration Laws & Department of Homeland Security Policies Overview

Presenter: Melissa Rodezno

A brief overview of current U.S. immigration laws and the effect of Secure Communities on the First Congressional District of California.

Session II: 1:15-2:45 (1.5 hour workshop)
How to Support Undocumented Students: Information, Resources, & Best Practices for Educators

Presenters: Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)

Educators can be some of the most powerful and dedicated advocates and allies to undocumented students, but they often lack the information and resources they need to effectively support their undocumented students. These presentations provide educators with an overview of the information they need to know, suggestions about where to go for additional resources, and best practices for advising their undocumented students.
DREAMing Beyond Borders: On Embracing Diversity & Strategies for Change

Presenters: Joe Comer, Elizabeth Hassler, & Julian Cabezas

What would happen if we embraced diversity, instead of merely tolerating it? What would happen if we broke down the borders? We envision a world where people are valued for their diverse experiences, one where we don't build walls to keep people out. Discussing our vision specifically in the context of immigration, we want to examine and deconstruct "tolerant" media and create strategies for change in our communities. Come DREAM with us!
Fantasy Images of Undocumented: An Exploration of the Psychology of White Privilege

Presenter: Brian McElwain

When it comes to dealing with issues of racism and immigration, otherwise sane White people get a little crazy.  Many White people defend against the anxiety of dealing with the realities of racism and immigration by using “primitive” ego defense mechanisms (e.g., withdrawal, denial, projection, dissociation) and it is the pervasive use of such defense mechanisms that, from a psychodynamic perspective, defines psychosis (i.e., being grossly out of touch with the realities of others).  In this workshop, we will explore some examples of this aspect of the pathology of White privilege as it relates to White fantasies of the “illegal immigrant” that obscure the experiences of so many.  The workshop will conclude with collective reflection on how best to engage in effective dialogue about racism and immigration with people who are heavily defended against even acknowledging the most basic everyday realities of immigrants of color.
Queering Immigration

Presenter: Gema Quiroz (CouRaGeouS!)

We'll be "undoing borders" by looking at immigration and it's issues through an intersectional lens.
Dreaming Dangerously: Political Imagination and Prophetic Action in Times of Crisis

Presenter: Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato is a writer and commentator at New America Media and a Co-Founder of* He's been awarded a crisis-reporting grant from the Pulitzer Center, and was voted by readers of Alternet as the country's "Most Influential Progressives" in media. His work explores the intimate link between the online and offline worlds, between storytelling and organizing and between the mediated and unmediated life. Roberto specializes in developing and implementing, political and business strategies involving old and new media and is currently looking into how immigrants are opening a new political and prophetic tradition in the United States.  (*for identification only)
It’s Not Just a Month

Presenter: Lorena Boswell

Participant will view this hour long film by filmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman, a 29-year-old African-American filmmaker, who sets out on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month. Through this thoughtful and humorous journey, he explores what the treatment of history tells us about race and equality in a “post-racial” America. Tilgman’s campaign to end Black History Month is actually a provocative gambit to open a public conversation about the idea of ethnic heritage months, and about what it means to be an American, to fight for one’s rightful place in the American landscape, however unconventional the means, even at the risk of ridicule or misunderstanding. It is a film about discovering oneself.
3-Hour Workshop Session: 1:30-4:30
Indigenous Peoples Fight Corporate Oil

Presenter: Kate McClain

The battle against Chevron by exploited people is a universal story. It parallels our undocumented students battle to not be taken advantage of by the dominant culture. The battle requires commitment, perseverance, political and legal navigating.  Not for the faint at heart.
Fearless Design

Presenter: Janine Silvis

Voice doesn’t have to mean just talking. There many different art forms are used on the streets in order to leave a mark. And that the art speaks and demands attention to whatever its creator chooses. Dream to be heard? Then shout out on the streets with fearless design. This workshop will demonstrate ways to create voice by sharing guerilla art techniques (stickering and spray paint stencils). There will also be a tutorial on how to make a stencil using accessible computer programs, cutting it out, and using them or either on cardboard or part of the collective art mural.
Undocu-media: Using Media in Non-Traditional Ways to Empower Yourself!

Presenters: Dreamers Adrift (Julio Salgado & Jesus Iniquez) co-founders Julio Salgado and Jesus Iñiguez will be talking about the ways in which they've used video, art and music to tackle the topic of undocumentedness. The traditional media (i.e. mainstream newspapers, 6 o'clock news) are constantly portraying undocumented immigrants as either the perfect immigrant or just plain criminals. They set out to create media that discusses the daily lives of undocumented folks living in this country, which can sometimes be...awkward.

Session III: 3:00-4:30 (1.5 hour workshop)
The Latinization of America

Presenter: Agustin “Gus” Garcia

The lecture series will cover Latino civil rights and human rights including issues pertinent to the workforce, economy, politics, public policy, and the impact the Latino culture has had in U.S. history. This is truly a motivational speech that has been a moving force among Latinos throughout the Nation.
Making College Happen

Presenters: Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)

We believe that knowledge is power. There are many undocumented students who do not continue with post-secondary education because they don't know where to go for support or have been misinformed about the opportunities available to them. These presentations provide students with an overview of the information and tools necessary to continue their pursuit of college and meaningfully contribute to their communities.
Who’s “Normal” Anyways? An Interactive Discussion about Mental Health & the Movement to Transform Mental Health Services

Presenters: Karen Diers & Rob Chittenden

This workshop will combine information sharing about current local efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination through the Mental Health Services Act, personal stories, and open discussion to raise community awareness about mental health. We hope to discuss with all participants creative solutions to reduce the impact of discrimination and stigma in our local community embracing the diverse populations here.

Art is Our Weapon

Presenter: Olmeca

Art Is Our Weapon explains the impact of art as a tool of inspiration, organization and participation in the fight against neoliberalism and for humanity…also known as peace, dignity and justice. If our goal is to participate in this rebellion of the mind and challenge the norm, then art is another platform, space or way to help that process. Join us as we Perform, Present and Dialogue…Art is Our Weapon!!!

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