Social Coordination around a Situated Display Appliance

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Social Coordination around a Situated Display Appliance

Kenton O’Hara, Mark Perry and Simon Lewis

The Appliance Studio, University Gate, Park Row, Bristol, UK. {kenton, simon}

 DISC, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK.


Advances in display technology are creating more opportunities for situating displays in our environment. While these displays share some common design principles with display-based interaction at the desktop PC, situated displays also have unique characteristics and values that raise particular design considerations and challenges. In order to further understand situated display design we present a field study of RoomWizard, an interactive room reservation display appliance designed to be mounted outside meeting rooms. The findings illustrate important ways that individual and social behaviours were oriented around the persistent situated displays. These observed behaviours are discussed in relation to particular design characteristics of RoomWizard. We conclude by highlighting more general themes supporting the design of other situated display technologies.

KEYWORDS: Situated display, peripheral display, appliance, field study, room reservation.

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