Social and economic development during the colonial period in kenya 20. a State three methods which were used by the colonial government to acquire land for European settlement

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20. a) State three methods which were used by the colonial government to acquire land for

European settlement.

  1. Through signing of treaties with Africans e.g. Maasai agreement’s 1904 & 1911.

  2. Through use of force

  3. Some parts of unoccupied were declared crown land. They were leased, granted or sold to settlers

3 x 1 = 3 marks
b) Apart from providing settlers with land explain six other ways through which the colonial

government promoted settler agriculture in Kenya. (12 marks)

  1. The government provided continuous flow of African labour to settlers by imposing heavy taxes and imposing forted labour laws. The Kipande system was introduced to restrict movement of labourers.

  2. Agricultural activities of the Africans were controlled to reduce competition for markets upto 1930’s. Africans were not allowed to grow any main cash crops.

  3. The colonial government boosted settler agriculture by providing adequate transport network to ease marketing of their produce and delivery of farm produce.

  4. The colonial government provided extension services through the department of agriculture and established research stations to facilitate the development of better breeds for better yields

  5. Banking system & loan facilities were introduced to subsidize settler initiatives.

  6. The government encouraged settlers to form co-operatives e.g. KCC & KFA. This facilitated marking of the produce & purchasing of farm inputs.

  7. Through political representation in the Legco they managed to get many concessions e.g. tariffs barriers & removal of custom duties.

Any 6 x 2 = 12 marks)
6.Name the engineer who was in charge of he construction of Uganda Railway (1mk)

-George White house (1mk)

20.(a) Identify the terms of Devonshire white paper of 1923

(i) Kenyan highlands were set aside for white settlers only

(ii) Indians were to elect five members to Legco

(iii) The European demand for a self government was rejected

(iv) Racial segregation in residential areas was abolished

(v) Africans interest were to be given the first priority since Kenya was an African country

(vi) The colonial secretary was to have strict control of the affairs of the colony

(vii) A missionary was to be nominated to represent African interest in the Legco

(viii) Settlers were to maintain their numbers in the Legco. 1x5 = 5mks

(b) Discuss ways in which the Agikuyu were affected by colonial land policies before 1963

- They lost their land

- Much of their land was occupied by the settlers

- Landless kikuyu were moved to native reserve

- The Agikuyu who lost their land became very poor

- Over utilization of land led to serious soil erosion

- Some went to work in settlers arm s wage laborers or squatters

-Others migrated to towns in search of employment

- They formed extremist groups called Mau Mau

- Agikuyu spearheaded the struggle for independence by encouraging formation of national movement

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