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Functionalism I: Talcott Parsons

Parsons T.: The System of Modern Societies [PDE-(Par) Bulmershe]

Parsons T.: Societies - Evolutionary and Comparative Perspectives [301-PAR]

________. The Evolution of Societies

________. The Social System

________. The Structure of Social Action esp. Introduction in Vol.I and Conclusion in Vol. II
Parsons, Shils

et al Working Papers in the Theory of Action
Alexander J.: Sociological Theory since 1945 [301.01-ALE]

Alexander J.: Theoretical Logic in Sociology [301.01-ALE]

Black M. [Ed.]: The Social Theories of Talcott Parsons [301.01-SOC] [7]

Cohen P.: Modern Social Theory [301.01-COH]

Haines V.: 'Biology and Social Theory - Parson's Evolutionary Theme', Sociology, 21(1), 1987.

Hamilton P.: Talcott Parsons [301.01-PAR/HAM] [7]

Merton R.: Social Theory and Social Structure [301-MER]

Rocher G.: Talcott Parsons and American Sociology [301.01-PAR/ROC]

Savage S.: The Theories of Talcott Parsons [301.01-PAR/SAV]

Turner J.: The Structure of Sociological Theory [301.01-TUR]

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