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Compte and Spencer

Bock K.: Theories of Progress, Development, Evolution', in Bottomore and Nisbet (Eds.), A History of Sociological Thought [301.09.BOT]

Manicas P.: A History & Philosophy of the Social Sciences Chap 4. [309-MAN]

Nisbet R.: History of the Idea of Progress [301.245-NIS]

Smith A.D.: The Concept of Social Change Chap. 3. [301.24-SMI]

Szacki J.: A History of Sociological Thought Chap. 7. [301.09-SZA]

Aron R.: Main Currents in Sociological Thought, vol.1, Chap.2. [301-ARO]

Comte A.: The Crisis of Industrial Civilisation, edited by R. Fetcher. [194.8]

de Coppens D.: Ideal Man in Classical Sociology, Chap.2. [301.09-DEC]

Fletcher R.: The Making of Sociology, 1971, vol.1, pp. 165-96. [301.01-FLE]

Thompson K.: Auguste Comte, 1976. [194.8] [7]

Fletcher R.: ibid., pp.250-338.

Peel J.D.Y.(Ed.): Herbert Spencer on Social Evolution [301-SPE]

Peel J.D.Y.(Ed.): Herbert Spencer - the Evolution of a Sociologist [192.8-PEE]

Turner J.A.: Herbert Spencer - a Renewed Appreciation [192.8-TUR] [7]

Wiltshire D.: The Social and Political Thought of Herbert Spencer [192.8-WIL]

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