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Useful refresher extracts/readings are contained in:
Borofski T.: Knowledge [572.99623-BOR]

Coser L. &

Rosenberg B.: Sociological Theory: A Book of Readings [301.08] [7]

Glover D. &

Strawbridge S.: The Sociology of Knowledge [301-GLO]

Maynard M.: Sociological Theory. [301.01-MAY]

O'Donnell M.: A New Introduction to Sociology Sections 1, 2, 10, 13, and 15. [301-ODO] [7]
Overseas students may find the following useful:
Jones, Philip: Studying Society: Sociological Theories and Research practices. [awaiting cataloguing]

Slattery, Martin: Key Ideas in Sociology. [awaiting cataloguing]

Abrams, P.: Practice Progress: British Sociology 1950-1980.

Abrams, P.: Historical Sociology.

Anderson R.J. &

Sharrock W.W. [Ed.]:Applied Sociological Perspectives [301:AND]

Ashley David &

Orenstein D.M.: Sociological Theory: Classical Statements

Cohen P.S.: Modern Social Theory [301.01-COH]

Craib Ian: Modern Social Theory Introduction & Ch. 1. [301.01-CRA] [7]

Craib Ian: Psychoanalysis: & Social Theory [301.01-CRA]

Cuff E.,

Sharrock W. &

Francis D.: Perspectives in Sociology [301.01-PER]

Coulson M.A. &

Riddle C.: Approaching Sociology [301-COU]

Inglis F.: Radical Earnestness [BUL 301.09.-ING]

Mullan B.: Sociologists on Sociology [301.MUL.]

Rhea B.: The Future of The Sociological Classics [BUL 301.RHE ]

Vidich A.J. &

Lyman S.M.: American Sociology. Worldly Rejections of Religion and their Directions [301.0973-VID]

Wallace R. A. &

Wolf A.: Contemporary Sociological Theory [PA-WALBUL]

Woolgar S.: Science: The Very Idea [501-WOO] [7]

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