Social 7 Chapter 3 Study Guide True/False

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Social 7 Chapter 3 Study Guide


Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____ The Thirteen Colonies formed many partnerships with First Nations.

____ Both France and Britain viewed non-Christian peoples as “inferior” and worked hard to convert them to their religion.

____ European countries made the economic rules that their colonies followed.

____ Farming was an easier way than fur trading for people to make a living in New France.

____ Habitants could establish a farm in New France. In order to do so, though, they had to clear the land, plant crops, and build a house.

____ New France was the first European colony established in the lands that would become Canada.

____ The Catholic Church supported the trading of liquor to First Nations as a way of making money for the colony.

____ The French colonies manufactured goods out of their raw resources to sell back to France.

____ The Mi’kmaq wanted to be recognized as a “Protestant nation” so that they could be a nation in their own right by the French.

____ Voyageurs were men from New France who were hired to paddle trade goods and furs by canoe between the fur merchants of Montréal and the fur trade posts of the Great Lakes.


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