Social 30-1: Mrs. Lehman Concepts and Issues explored

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Film Study - ANTZ
Social 30-1: Mrs. Lehman

Concepts and Issues explored


Collectivism, Individualism, Liberalism (Political)

Synopsis: You have just watched the movie Antz. The main character Z-1495 or Z for short desires change. You are to answer the following questions using the notes you took during the movie, concepts discussed in class and your textbook.

Answer thoroughly and with thought … Your answers will be collected for marks.
1) What are some of the things that Z desires to change in his life?
2) Provide two examples of individualism and collectivism from the movie.

3) When born, do individual Ants have a choice in life to do what they desire? Why/Why not?

4) How does Antz demonstrate the problems or obstacles of individualism in a collectivist society.

5) What does Insectopia signify to Z? – Explain.

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