Social 20-1 unit 3 Review Guide

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Social 20-1 UNIT 3 Review Guide
This is a study guide of key ideas, concepts, people, and events. It is meant as a focus on important topics when studying. You are responsible for reading UNIT 3 of the text including all “Voices, Investigation, Ideas and Opinions, and Pause and Reflect” sections as well as understanding all concepts within Unit 3.

Key Terms/Concepts

  • Liberal Internationalism

  • Revolutionary Internationalism

  • Hegemonic Internationalism

  • Self-determination

  • Moral Imperative

  • Humanitarianism

  • Isolationism

  • Continentalism

  • Multilateralism

  • Unilateralism

  • Bilateralism

  • Suprantional Organizations

  • Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)

  • International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs)

  • Consensus

Chapter 11

Some Understandings of Internationalism

  • Halliday: 3 Concepts of Internationalism (Hegemonic, Liberal, Revolutionary)

  • Humanitarianism/Global Citizenship

  • Peacekeeping vs. Peacemaking

  • NATO


  • Economic Stability in Internationalism

  • Isolationism/American isolationism

Chapter 12

Internationalism and Foreign Policy

  • Forms of foreign policy

  • Canadian Foreign Policy

  • Global Energy/Internationalism

  • Atlantic Fisheries

  • Peacekeeping/Peacemaking in Canada (Iraq vs. Afghanistan for example)

  • Foreign Aid

  • Supranational Organizations (UN, African Union, WTO)

  • International law and treaties

Chapter 13

Promoting Internationalism

  • IGOs and NGOs plus characteristics and examples of each

  • Liberal Internationalism and humanitarianism

  • The Arctic Council

  • UN

  • Hegemonic/Anti-Hegemonic Internationalism (WTO, IMF)

  • European Union

  • International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) and its characteristics

Chapter 14

Investigating Global Issues: The Role of Internationalism

  • U.S. and Bikini Atoll

  • Internationalism/Legacy of Colonialism

  • Neo-colonialism

  • War on Terror/Balance of Power

  • Security and Human Rights

  • Structural Adjustments/Internationalism

  • Environmental Protection/Internationalism (CFCs and the Ozone as examples)

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

Chapter 15

Nationalism vs. Internationalism: Understanding the Dilemma

  • Harminization/International rules

  • Kyoto Protocol

  • Mutual Benefit

  • Assembly of First Nations/Empowered Collectives

  • NAFTA, E.U.

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