Social 20-1 Course Outline

Skills and Processes for Social Studies

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Skills and Processes for Social Studies
Dimensions of thinking

-develop skills of critical thinking and creative thinking

-develop skills of historical thinking

-develop skills of geographic thinking

-demonstrate skills of decision making and problem solving
Social Participation as a democratic practice

-demonstrate skills of cooperation, conflict resolution and consensus building

-develop age appropriate behavior for social involvement as responsible citizens contributing to their community
Research for Deliberative Inquiry

-apply the research process


-demonstrate skills of oral, written and visual literacy

-develop skills of media literacy
Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment may include: Written work, Research assignments, Presentations, Posters etc.

Comprehensive Exams, Tests/Quizzes

Assignments/Projects 70%

Exams/Tests/Quizzes 30%
The final exam will be worth 30% of your final mark.

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