Social 20-1 Course Outline

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Social 20-1 Course Outline


Delburne Centralized School

Room 172
Perspectives of Nationalism

Students will examine historical and contemporary understandings of nationalism in Canada and the world. They will explore the origins of nationalism as well as the impacts of nationalism on individuals and communities in Canada and other locations. Examples of nationalism, ultranationalism, supranationalism and internationalism will be examined from multiple perspectives. Students will develop personal and civic responses to emergent issues related to nationalism.


As perspective son personal identity continue to evolve, so do understandings of nationalism and what it means to be a member of a collective, community ,state and nation. This evolution is significant in the Canadian context as nationalism continues s to shape visions of identity and nation. Understanding the significance of nationalism contribute s to an appreciation and awareness of the interrelationships among nationalism, internationalism, citizenship and identity.

Key Issue

To what extent should we embrace nationalism?

Key Outcome

Students will understand, assess and respond to the complexities of nationalism.

Related Issues

  1. Should nation be the foundation of identity

  2. Should nations pursue national interest?

  3. Should internationalism be pursued?

  4. Should individuals and groups in Canada embrace a national identity?

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