Slide 1 Welcome to the Arts & Recreation Webinar Series a collaborative program between the

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Slide 1 Welcome to the Arts & Recreation Webinar Series

A collaborative program between the ADA National Network , National Center on Accessibility (NCA), LEAD Program at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Accessibility Program at The Smithsonian Institution.

The Session is Scheduled to begin at 2:30pm Eastern Time. We will be testing sound quality periodically

Audio and Visual are provided through the on-line webinar system. This session is closed captioned. Individuals may also listen via telephone by dialing 1-712-432-3066 Access code 901485 (This is not a Toll Free number).

The content and materials of this training are property of the presenters and sponsors and cannot be used without permission. For permission to use training content or obtain copies of materials used as part of this program please contact us by email at or toll free (877)232-1990 (V/TTY).

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Slide 3 Listening to the Webinar, continued

If you do not have sound capabilities on your computer or prefer to listen by phone, dial: 712-432-3066 Pass Code: 901485. This is not a Toll Free number.

Slide 4 Listening to the Webinar, continued

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Slide 5 Captioning

Real-time captioning is provided during this webinar. The caption screen can be accessed by choosing the CC icon in the Audio & Video panel. Once selected you will have the option to resize the captioning window, change the font size and save the transcript.

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Slide 8 Technical Assistance

If you experience any technical difficulties during the webinar:

    1. Send a private chat message to the host by double clicking “Great Lakes ADA” in the participant list. A tab titled “Great Lakes ADA” will appear in the chat panel. Type your comment in the text box and “enter” (Keyboard - F6, Arrow up or down to locate “Great Lakes ADA” and select to send a message ); or

    2. Email ; or

    3. Call 877-232-1990 (V/TTY)

Slide 9 Connecting All People to “Places” Accessibility Considerations for Apps

National Park Service

Slide 10 One: Mobile Applications for Parks

Image of Three iPhones in a row each displaying a screen from the Independence App.

Slide 11 Two: Increasing Audio Description Opportunities for Visitors

Image of Audio Description icon with A and D with waves coming off the right side of the D.

Slide 12 Indoor Exhibit Audio Description

Image of Hamilton Grange exhibit. Wide shots of the exhibit showing panels, exhibit structures, and lighting.

Slide 13 Outdoor Exhibit Audio Description

Outdoor exhibit with panel in a frame in front of a stream in the woods. A tactile fish is embedded on the panel.

Image of Outdoor exhibit with panel in a frame in front of a stream in the woods. A tactile fish is embedded on the panel.

Slide 14 Outdoor Exhibit Audio Description

Outdoor exhibit panel in front of building. Frame of exhibit has a audio play back device with solar panel and speaker visible.

Image of Outdoor exhibit panel in front of building. Frame of exhibit has a audio play back device with solar panel and speaker visible.

Slide 15

First Image: Hand holding an iPhone with the Boston app. Second image: Audio Description icon with A and D with waves coming off the right side of the D

Slide 16

  • Interface for all audiences planned and designed from the beginning

  • A framework that guarantees replication of accessible content

Slide 17 Poll: Mobile App Experience

  1. I have helped plan and/or develop a mobile app for a general audience

  2. I have helped plan, and/or develop a mobile app focussed on access for people with disabilities

  3. A & B

  4. I have never planned or developed an app, but I use apps

  5. I have never planned or developed an app and I do not use apps

Slide 18

Handholding an iPhone displaying the Klondike Goldrush App.

Slide 19 What is a framework?

Base set of functions developed as a foundation that can customized for individual parks

Slide 20 Places Mobile App


NPMap + HFC = Digital maps taken to a new level.

Maps are the centerpiece of the app experience - providing an NPS-themed map with sites and geo-located content.


Where is the bathroom? The app gives park visitors directions and orientation right at their finger tips.

Today at the Park

Today's park events and ranger programs are front-and-center in the app. Pulling events from and other sources, the app displays live events on the Home screen and under its own section. Park alerts from also get pushed to park visitors.


Universally designed from the ground up to enable a park experience for all people. Apps feature built in audio description, captioning, geo-triggered content, and alternative text.


Ranger-curated tours based on special interests, the amount of time a visitor has, and seasonal offerings. Tours can include audio, photos, and detailed site information.

Slide 21 Places Mobile App


Herbert Hoover

Klondike Goldrush (AK)

Fort Smith National

Based on the apps from

National Mall




Apple iOS

Google Android
Slide 22 App v1.0 iPhone laying on a brick path displaying the Klondike Gold Rush App.

Slide 23 Start Image of Herbert Hoover App: Introduction screen for app. Top of screen National Park Service Arrowhead in a black bar. Rest of screen sunny day with a small white wooden house from the front with cedar shingles, flowers bloom in foreground, Herbert Hoover Brithplace Cottage.

Slide 24 Home

Screen shot of app with top portion of Herbert Hoover’s cottage and bottom have has Schedule a tour.

Slide 25 Map

Slide 26 Map

Screen shot of map identifying Birthplace Cottage

Slide 27 Screen Shot of Explore Sites with Highlights header and bottom half has picture of Visitor Center.

Slide 28 Explore

Screen Shot of Explore Site Menu:

Highlights, Favorite, Nearby, Good for Families, Historic Downtown, A Memory and a Legacy, Simple Beginnings

Slide 29 Site

Screen Shot of Site: Birthplace Cottage with description of cottage at the bottom

Slide 30 Site

Screen shot of App of Birthplace Cottage highlighting the “Share” button at the bottom of the app. Second screen shot showing the links to Messaging, Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Slide 31 Site

App screen shot highlighting the expand to get more information

Slide 32 Site

Screen shot highlighting the Audio Description icon

Slide 33 Tours

Screen Shot of Tour page in App

Slide 34 Tours

Screen Shot of Tour Page highlighting the Birthplace Cottage and map

Slide 35 More

Screen Shot of the More App with the following Menu: Presidential Library, Park Info & FAQs, Settings, Today, Accessibility, and Postcard

Slide 36 GPS Triggers (Geofencing)

Screen Shot of three different pages of the app. First is the home screen on IPHONE showing notification of NPS Places nearby, Second has Audio Description page with Overview information and Third page is the Map locating search item.

Slide 37 Other features

Park Lens - Augmented Reality

Scavenger Hunt Activity

Kiosk for iPads or Android Tablets

iBeacon Exhibit Accessibility

Slide 38 Accessibility + Design

Slide 39 Design


Eliminate User Pain Points and Steps

Target Size/Touch Area Size

Conventions with Platform

Platform supported menu systems

Slide 40 Thumb stretching

Comparison chart showing range of natural thumb stretch for Iphone, IPHONE 4s, 5, 5S, 6 and 6Plus

Slide 41 Duplicate Home page for summarizing design

Slide 42 Two Steps

Screen shot showing the two step for using map and menu options

Slide 43 One Step

Step One: Screen shows picture of Herbert Hoovers cottage and bottom part shows the schedule of tour information.

Slide 44 Icons & Items at fingertips

Screen shot highlighting submenu listing the following: Send a postcard, this day in history, special events, ticketing information, FAQs

Slide 45 Icons & Items at fingertips

Screen shot menu of “More” option

Slide 46 Icons & Items at fingertips

Screen Shot of Cottage with Audio Description icon highlighted. Sample page of Audio Description page

Slide 47 Icons & Items at fingertips

Screen Shot of Tour page highlighting the Transcript option.

Slide 48 Platform Menus iOS

Screen Shot of Tour highlighting the Birthplace Cottage on map and second screen shot highlighting app menu

Slide 49 Indoor Accessibility

Slide 50 iBeacon Exhibit Accessibility

Diagram of an exhibit hall with legends and key for icons.

Slide 51 Editor

Making Accessibility Easy to Add

Slide 52 Editor

Slide 53 Takeaways

Do we want to do a list of take aways/before closing?


Slide 55 Thanks!

Michele Hartley

Media Accessibility Coordinator

Harpers Ferry Center

National Park Service


John Tobiason

Digital Media Specialist

Harpers Ferry Center

National Park Service

Slide 56 Thank you for participating in today’s webinar

Connecting All People to "Places“: Content and Design Considerations for App Accessibility

This session was recorded and the archived recording will be available within 24 hours at

(877) 232-1990 (V/TTY)
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