Sleeping Beauty: Secretly Know as "Princess Aurora"

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Sleeping Beauty: Secretly Know as “Princess Aurora”

Sleeping Beauty, formally named Princess Aurora, is known for being one of the nine famous “Disney Princesses”. Orginially aired in 1959 as an American animated film, the movie was based on a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault. At the age of 16, she must injure herself with a spindle and supposedly die, due to the wishes of evil Maleficent. But, she is awoken by her prince with a romantic magical kiss. She was always known for having that special “fairy tale” every girl has dreamed of since such a young age. She has it all – including her very own Prince as well. She lived in a kingdom far away in Perceforest with her mother, and her father who is know as King Stefan.
Wikipedia says: Sleeping Beauty is a 1959 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and based on the fairy tale "La Belle au bois dormant" by Charles Perrault. It was released to theatres on January 29, 1959 by Buena Vista Distribution.

FPX's Walt Disney says: Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a beautiful princess was born ... a princess destined by a terrible curse to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and become Sleeping Beauty. Masterful Disney animation and Tchaikovsky's celebrated musical score enrich the romantic, humorous and suspenseful story of the lovely Princess Aurora, the tree magical fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, and the valiant Prince Phillip, who vows to save his beloved princess. Phillips bravery and devotion are challenged when he must confront the overwhelming forces of evil conjured up by the wicked and terrifying Maleficent. Embark on a spectacular adventure of unprecedented scale and excitement in this thrilling, timeless Disney Classic.
Thankfully to Prince Phillip and his bravery and determination, Princess Aurora would have a chance again to come back from the evil Maleficent’s wish on her. Just imagine being in his shoes and having to do such a big task that everyone is counting on you for. That’s a lot a pressure to be put on yourself.

Disney Fan says: When Princess Aurora is born, the entire kingdom is delighted, except for the evil fairy Maleficent, who places a curse on the young beauty that only a prince can break. Sent into hiding for her own safety and protected by fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, "Briar Rose" lives in the forest, unaware of her royal blood. Yet despite everyone's caution, the princess's destiny plays out as she pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, falling into a deep sleep. It's up to the daring Prince Philip to brave the fire-breathing dragon and awaken the sleeping beauty with true love's kiss.
The only thing standing in Princess Aurora’s way at this point is Maleficent and her evil wish upon her. And poor Aurora has no idea what had happened the day she was born – it’s been a secret from her since day one and no one has yet to tell her. But once her 16th birthday comes around she will have all the answers told and be in for a not-so-wonderful surprise for herself.

"When you are sixteen, you will injure yourself with a spindle and die!"

SparkNotes says: Sleeping Beauty opens with a shot of turning pages in a storybook, indicating the historical but fantastical nature of the subsequent tale. In the story proper, a narrator introduces King Stefan and his unnamed wife, who finally have a child after years of longing for one. Well-wishers from all over Stefan’s peaceful kingdom arrive to deliver gifts and celebrate the birth. Stefan, a tall, thin, black-bearded king, invites King Hubert, a short, round, gray-bearded king from the adjacent kingdom, to the celebration. The two kings have planned a happy merger of their lands. As part of the festivities, Hubert’s young son, Prince Phillip, is betrothed to the infant princess, Aurora.
Radix says: King Stefan was still afraid for his daughter and ordered every spinning wheel in the kingdom to be burned. But fearing Maleficent's magic, the three fairies proposed to take the baby princess and raise her as a peasant deep in the woods. Sadly, the King and Queen agreed and the fairies took Aurora and departed in the night.

"Oh, no!" screamed the Queen in horror. A good fairy quickly chanted a magic spell to change the curse. When she hurt herself, the girl would fall into a very deep sleep instead of dying.
Sleeping Beauty has three grandmotherly fairies (names Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) that guide her through life from the day she was born up to the age of sixteen. One blue, one green, and one pink. It is said that the fairies were inspired by watching old ladies at a local supermarket, Princess Aurora was influenced by Audrey Hepburn, a film star of the day, Walt wanted the fairies to be identical but the animators scrapped that idea. When it comes to the time that she turns 16, they three take her to the spindle. Princess Aurora has no idea about what is ahead of her on her 16th birthday.

SparkNotes says: Sixteen years pass mournfully in the kingdom. The day of Rose’s momentous sixteenth birthday arrives. Maleficent has not yet found Aurora because, as she realizes only today, her henchmen have been searching only cradles for sixteen years.Three pleasant, grandmotherly fairies from the forest arrive to bestow gifts on the baby. Flora delivers the gift of beauty, and Fauna gives Aurora the gift of song. But before feisty little Merryweather can present her gift, the evil Maleficent appears in a rush of portentous wind. In bitter response for not being invited to the celebration, the tall, horned, black-clad witch curses Aurora. She declares that the princess will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday and die.

"When will my daughter waken?"
"Love," replied the fairy. "If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life!"
Instead of Sleeping Beauty dying, she falls into a deep sleep that only a Prince Phillip is able to awaken her with a kiss. And once her Prince came along she had awoken to that kiss. From then on, Aurora and her Prince have been together ever since and the Prince has fallen head over heels for Princess Aurora.

SparkNotes says: The sun begins to set, and the celebration nears. But Hubert has yet to tell Stefan about Phillip’s intentions, and Aurora lies comatose in an upper chamber. Unsure of how to proceed, the fairies decide to put everyone in the kingdom to sleep as well. As Flora sprinkles fairy dust over those around the throne, Hubert reveals that Phillip met his peasant girl “once upon a dream.”
Prince Phillip has now realized how much he admires Princess Aurora. And as said by Hubert, “Phillip has met his peasant girl “once upon a dream.”

Disney Mouse Links says: The beautiful Sleeping Beauty has a very shaky historical beginning with Disney. This story was adapted from a Charles Perrault work. Walt Disney had originally wanted all three of his early Princesses to look alike but that idea was quickly shot down by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas; the animators for the film. It was their idea that to have different looking Princesses would be much more exciting.

The figure of Princess Aurora was modeled after Audrey Hepburn and refined before the film was completed. Marc Davis, another animator on the film, made her a bit more angular to fit in with the scenery. Voice actor Mary Costa played the voice of Princess Aurora and her alter ego Briar Rose. Released on January 29, 1959 and costing six million dollars to produce; Sleeping Beauty was a disappointment at the box office… and nearly caused the Disney Studio to go bankrupt. Luckily for Disney the film has since grown a wild following; and it finally began making. Eleven years after the original movie release Sleeping Beauty was once again in the theaters in June of 1970, September of 1979, and finally in March of 1986. Because of these additional releases the movie finally began to make money after its original financial losses.

Princess Sleeping Beauty’s movie was watched by millions of young girls and maybe even some boys as a young age child growing up. Her three fairies were always so happy and singing throughout the movie, and Sleeping Beauty always joined them. I remember watching the movie myself and I still remember perfectly the scene where she must go up and touch the spindle on her 16th birthday. Which in my opinion is one of the best known scenes of the entire movie. I couldn’t imagine touching a spindle and falling into a deep sleep at an age so young and waiting years for a Prince to come and wake me up with a kiss.

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