Slavery Test Study Guide How Africans Became Slaves

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Slavery Test Study Guide

  • How Africans Became Slaves

    • People were captured in Africa by rival tribes

    • They were taken to the West Coast of Africa, also known as the Golden Coast

    • Slaves were traded with Europeans for guns and other tools, weapons, etc.

  • Atlantic Slave Trade

    • Also known as the Triangular Trade

    • Started in Europe Went to Africa to pick up slaves  Took slaves to Americas to be sold  Ended back in Europe

    • Slavery was a money maker. The Europeans selling the slaves made money, and the slave owners had higher profits because of free labor

    • The trip from Africa to the Americas was called the Middle Passage

      • Usually took 5-12 weeks, depending on wind and weather

      • Horrible conditions for the slaves

      • Only about 1/3 of slaves survived the trip

      • Slaves chained together and to the boat

      • Sick people wouldn’t get fed. Sometimes the sick were forced overboard because the captors had insurance that would pay for slaves that died from drowning (not disease)

  • Slave Revolt

    • Most famous was on the ship Amistad (Spanish for Friendship)

    • Joseph Cinque was the slave that started the revolt

    • Slaves were charged with piracy and murder, but were acquitted of all charges

  • Slave Narratives

    • A slave’s story told 1st hand (Primary Source)

    • Ouladah Equiano had a famous slave narrative

      • Kidnapped with sister at age 10

      • Sold into slavery

      • Got a small amount of profits from his master, bought his freedom when he had enough money

      • Once free, he moved to England

  • Aspects of Slavery- See notes on website (Slavery Mini Drama Aspect Notes, March 6-11)

    • Runaways, Children, Family, Field Work, Slave Auction, Passive Resistance, Religion, Domestic Work

  • Key Terms- See definitions in section 3 of your notebook or on website (Slavery Unit Key Terms, March 12)

    • Primary source, flog, branding, domestic work, overseer, passive resistance, indentured servant, abolitionist, safe house, “friend of a friend…”, fugitive slave law, bounty hunter

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