Sir Thomas More Quiz Short answer

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Sir Thomas More Quiz
Short answer.

  1. During which king’s reign did Tomas More live?

King Henry VIII

  1. What event was taking place in the north that caused him to write so much humanist literature?

The Renaissance

  1. Name two of Thomas More’s works of literature.

Utopia, A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation

  1. Which one did he write during his imprisonment in the Tower of London?

A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation

  1. Why was More imprisoned and later executed?

He refused to take the oath of The Supremacy Act because it rejected the Catholic Church.

  1. What major political/religious decision did the king make? What act did he pass to give himself more power?

He broke from the Catholic Church, creating the Anglican Church. He passed The Supremacy Act.

  1. Which of Sir Thomas More’s works do people recognize most? What is it about?

Utopia; it is about a perfect society with no materialistic priorities.


  1. Sir Thomas More lived in the city for his whole life. (True)

  1. Sir Thomas More was canonized immediately after his death. (False)

  1. Sir Thomas More was born in France, but raised in England. (False)

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