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2010 SWAC Winners

1A – True Wartime Experience

1st Prize and the Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop Memorial Award: Hilda Rose – Destiny

2nd Prize: Lesley Grant - K for Kitty

3rd Prize: Anne Parratt - An Ordinary Soldier

Australian Defence Force Journal Award: Clyne Buckingham - 1,043 Miles There and 1,043 Miles Back

The Lou Perlstein Award: George Rutter - Run Rabbit Run

Honourable Mentions:

Gregory Mackenzie – Operation Menace

Zygmunt Mos – My Most Memorable Day During WW2

Gaye Robinson – The Mystery Of Our True Story

Maurice Rooney – One Man’s War

1B – True Life Experience

1st Prize: Desmond Shinkfield - Kamikazes

2nd Prize: Pauline Reilly – My Leg Went South Without Me

3rd Prize: Barry Pearce – A Story About Alex

Honourable Mentions:

Kenneth Andersen – My Life With A Dog Named Teddy

Kevin Moody – Celestino dos Anjos

Lin Stacey – The Way We Were

Peter Walker – Coming Home In The Morning

1C – Fiction

1st Prize: Mary Harris – No Place For A Woman

2nd Prize: Stella Van Tongeren – The Intractable

3rd Prize: Narelle Robertson – Dead Eyes

Legacy Novice Writing Encouragement Award: Val Trainor – The Mantel Clock

Honourable Mentions:

Iris AllanChristmas At No. 81

Elizabeth Flannery – Tit For Tat

Rosemary McLoughlin – On The Beach

Elizabeth Wilde – They Shall Not Sleep

1D – Story Writing: Poetry/Prose

1st Prize: Anne Parratt – Old Letters

2nd Prize and the Vice Admiral William Rooke Creswell Poetry Encouragement Award: Beverley Oliver – War Cemetery At Night

3rd Prize: John Dusting – Vietnam Veterans Lament

Honourable Mentions

Leigh Hay – The Season

Richard Kerr – Mrs Denby

Margaret McNeill – Flight

Colin Montfort – Bob Hope and Bing

1E – Story Writing Special Category: Love & War

1st Prize: Elizabeth Wilde – Jim & Rosie

2nd Prize: Marjorie Ward – Letter For Amy

3rd Prize: Joan Larkin – Lily Of The Valley

Legacy Novice Writing Encouragement Award Runner Up: Susan Kalenderidis – The Boys In Ward 4

John Quinlivan TPI Special Recognition Award: Hugh Sayle – Love And War

Honourable Mentions:

Susan Atkinson – Love, What Is It For?

Jim Dow – Love And War

Carla Evans – Love And War

Lloyd Knight – Lost Love

2A – Art: Oils – Novice

1st Prize: Alan Hicks Seascape In Blue

2nd Prize: Marie Hutchings – Days End

3rd Prize: Rita McEvoy – Tassie Serenade

RAR Association Encouragement Award for first year in Painting: Sharon Drummond -Updraft

Honourable Mentions:

Doc Anthony – Colours A Plenty

Sharon Drummond – Updraft

Sandra Meeke – Calm

Eileen Mills – In Too Deep?

2B – Art: Oils – Experienced

1st Prize: Anthony Stancombe – 1RAR On Patrol At Bien Hoa

2nd Prize: Keith Nihill – Major John Vincent

3rd Prize: Robert Macaulay – Over Lakes Entrance

Honourable Mentions:

Ross Atkins – Conquistador

Joseph Hewatt – The Seal

Noel Outhred – Vitality

Anthony Stancombe – Bungle Bungles At Sunset

2C – Art: Other Media – Novice

1st Prize: James Saxton – Printz Elvis, Iguana Ck

2nd Prize: Garry Walker – Lake Eyre 2010

3rd Prize: Rita McEvoy – I’m Looking At You

RAR Association Encouragement Award for first year in Painting (Runner Up): Margaret Whelan – Barnabool Hills, Cloudy Day

Honourable Mentions:

Doc Anthony – The Colour Of Darkness

Lynette Earl – Autumn Vibrance

Leila Shaw – My Doodle Garden

Margaret Whelan – Barnabool Hills, Cloudy Day

2D – Art: Other Media – Experienced

1st Prize: Gwen Watt - Datura

2nd Prize: Jan Harris – Bush And Bark

3rd Prize: Peter Canney – Wall Of Truth

Honourable Mentions:

Ross Atkins – Warm Friends

Lurlean Butcher – Early Snow

Betty Franke – Eagle, King Of Birds

Kerry Glover – Outback Summer

2E – Art: All Media – Advanced

1st Prize and The Sir Edmund Herring Memorial Prize: Alan Chawner – Australian Lighthorse Engagement Palestine

2nd Prize: Russell Halden – The Breakaways, Near Cooper Pedy

3rd Prize: Peter Hemsworth – Anzac Day

Honourable Mentions:

Anita Daymond – Framed Basset Hound

Ilma Duncan – Sunrise

Jack Trawn – Remembering

Erif Vincent – Mighty Murray River, Corowa

3A – Craft: Textiles & Fibre

1st Prize: Margaret Hogan – Nuno Felted Wool & Silk Shawl (Blue)

2nd Prize: Patricia Clifford – Baby Knitting Dress Bonnet & Bootee’s

3rd Prize: Nola Martin – Kate & Danny

Honourable Mentions:

May Brown – Child’s Cardigan

Clarice Cox – Crocheted Rug

June Smeelie – Baby Shawl

Dawn Spencer – Scarf – Ladies Knitted

3B – Craft: Needlework

1st Prize: Shirley Drayton – Memory Quilt for George Stewart “Sport” 2/24 Bn 9 Div

2nd Prize: Dawn SpencerTeddy Bear Family

3rd Prize: Henry Sullivan - Embroidered Swirls

Jessie Mary Vasey Memorial Encouragement Award: Sue Degrassi – Cat’s Alphabet

Honourable Mentions:

Dulcie Chard – The Grand Mansion

Carolyn Doyle – Ladies of Melton (Vietnam Veterans)

Pam Moran – Australia Table Cloth

3C – Craft: Ceramics/Glass

1st Prize: Alan Chawner – Militant Beast

2nd Prize: Anita Daymond – Portrait of A Girl

3rd Prize: John Burton - Thomas Hardy The Poet (1840-1928)

Honourable Mentions

John Burton - The Muse Calliope

3D – Craft: Wood

1st Prize: Jim Wilson - Acoustic Guitar

2nd Prize: Richard Goold ­– Vase (Stave Construction)

3rd Prize: Richard Goold – Candelabrum

The Rehabilitation Work Group Encouragement Award: Anne Heyes – Bedside Drawers

The Rehabilitation Work Group Encouragement Award (Runner Up): William Harris – Simpson And Donkey

John Quinlivan TPI Special Recognition Award (Runner Up): Barry Marsh – Decorative Wooden Spoon

Honourable Mentions:

Bob Collins – The Archangels

Bob Collins – Novelty Rolling Pin

Eric Dancey ­– Hand Craft Cabinet

Noel Outhred – King Tut’s Tomb

Bill Smith - Huon Pine Wall Plaque

4A – Photography: War/Armed Services

1st Prize: Greg Carter - Smoko

2nd Prize: Roger King – Saigon 1969

3rd Prize: Barry Pearce­ – Winning Hearts And Minds

VVAA Encouragement Award: David Anderson – Sea Rescue

VVAA Encouragement Award (Runner Up): David Anderson – Self Portrait 1969

Honourable Mentions:

Amanda Brewer – French Defence

Greg Carter­ – A Day At The Office

Greg Carter – Tubby Time

Roger King – The Way We Were

4B – Photography: Open

1st Prize: Brian Start – Farm Dam, Drouin

2nd Prize: Sarah Worrall - Untitled

3rd Prize: John Vincent – Kaleidoscope

Honourable Mentions:

Bill Blackburn - The Use Of A Lure

Gregory Carr – Thrill Seekers

Suzi Duncan – The Mighty Simpson

Gloria Van Der Meer – MCG Light Tower

4C – Photography: Portraits

1st Prize: Suzi Duncan - Athaw

2nd Prize: Dorothy Smith – Innocence

3rd Prize: Anne Carter - Rusty

Honourable Mentions:

William Dalton – Barb’s Boy

Barry Pearce – Brig. George Salmon RAA RTD

Penny Wigg­ – A Life More Precious Than Silver Or Gold

Penny Wigg – Dreamtime Sisters

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