Similarity between the goals of Mao Zedong

The Mongols tried to conquer Japan twice but failed

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The Mongols tried to conquer Japan twice but failed

  • However, the Mongols never spread Christianity – the Mongols were religiously tolerant and allowed conquered peoples to keep their religious ways

    The First Mechanized Industry in England

    • The first Industrial Revolution in Great Britain was initially based on textiles

    • Yes, the first Industrial Revolution in England occurred in the textile industry or clothing industry

    • A number of factors contributed to Britain’s role as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution – for one, it had great deposits of coal and iron ore, which proved essential for industrialization

    • Around 1764, Englishman James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny (“jenny” was an early abbreviation of the word “engine”), a machine that enabled an individual to produce multiple spools of threads simultaneously

    • The spinning jenny was improved upon by British inventor Samuel Compton’s (1753-1827) spinning mule, as well as later machines

    • Another key innovation in textiles, the power loom, which mechanized the process of weaving cloth, was developed in the 1780s by English inventor Edmund Cartwright

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