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The Impact of Mongol Rule on Moscow

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The Impact of Mongol Rule on Moscow

  • The Mongols conquered Russia but they thought Russia had little of value and so, ruled Russia from their beloved steppes

  • The Mongols were primarily interested in the collection of tribute from Russia

  • However, when the city of Kiev resisted the Mongols, the city was destroyed

  • The princes of Moscow, however, were more than willing to serve as tribute collectors for the Mongols and so, the Mongols elevated the city of Moscow

  • The Mongols were also religiously tolerant and this allowed for the rise of the Orthodox Christian Church in Russia under Mongol rule

  • When the Mongols weakened, their weakness allowed for the rise of an independent Russia led by the city of Moscow

  • Yes, the rise and fall of the Mongolian khanates contributed most to the initial formation of political states by the Muscovite Russians and the Ottoman Turks

  • When the Mongol Empire in Persia collapsed, it created a power vacuum which allowed the Ottoman Turks to rise to power

  • And when the Mongol Empire collapsed in Russia, it allowed for the rise of Muscovite Russia or a Russia led by Moscow

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