Similarity between the goals of Mao Zedong

Similarity – Incas and Aztecs

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Similarity – Incas and Aztecs

  • The Incas developed a vast empire stretching along the Andes Mountains in the 1100s

  • The Aztecs developed a vast empire in Central Mexico

  • The Incas assimilated the peoples they conquered; the Aztecs were more interested in the collection of tribute and allowed conquered people to maintain their cultural ways

  • Yet both civilizations, Inca and Aztec, were similar in that both acquired empires by means of military conquest

  • Yes, empires are largely built upon military conquests

The Feudal Hierarchy in Japan

  • Feudalism developed in Japan in the 1100s C.E.

  • In the feudal hierarchy of Japan, the shogun was the most powerful lord in Japan and he ruled

  • The emperor reigned but he did not rule as he was a mere figurehead

  • The feudal hierarchy consisted of shogun, daimyo (lords), samurai (warriors), and peasants

  • Yes, Japanese feudal society was comprised of all of the following positions: shogun, daimyo, and samurai and an emperor who reigned but did not rule

  • But Shinto is not part of feudal society – it is part of Japanese culture in that it is Japan’s oldest religion and a form of Japanese animism

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