Similarity between the goals of Mao Zedong

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By the 20th century all that remained in Ottoman hands outside Turkey was Syria, Mesopotamia, Palestine and parts of the Arabian Peninsula – the rest of the empire had been gobbled up by the Russians, British, and French

Similarity – Russia and Japan by 1914

  • Rapid, state-sponsored industrialization had occurred in both countries – both Russia and Japan

  • After 1860, the Russian government became involved in building an industrial economy - the government gave subsidies to build railroads – in 1860, Russia had only about 1,250 miles of track; by 1880 it had 15,500 miles

  • Railroads allowed Russia to export grain and earn money for further industrialization

  • Industrial modernization continued in Russia under the leadership of Sergei Witte, Alexander’s finance minister – the railroad network doubled to over 35,000 miles; he also established a series of high protective tariffs that protected Russian industry devised a plan to employ Western capital to build factories in Russia – within ten years, on the strength of foreign investment, a huge steel industry was developed

  • Japan too experienced state sponsored industrialization – under the Meiji Restoration, the government actively pursued a policy of modernization and industrialization

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