Similarity between the goals of Mao Zedong

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Similarity between the goals of Mao Zedong (China) and Emiliano Zapata (Mexico)

  • Mao Zedong was the communist leader of China – China became a communist nation in 1949 and was renamed the People’s Republic of China

  • Mao Zedong had gained the support of the Chinese peasants as a guerrilla leader by promising land reform and land redistribution – he lived and worked among the peasants

  • Emiliano Zapata was an Indian leader during the Mexican Revolution – although he was assassinated, he was a defender of the Indians and promised “Tierra y Libertad” or “Land and Freedom” – he would lead raids on rich haciendas (big farms) and redistribute land to the Indians – although he was not a communist, he did seek to improve the lives of the peasants through land redistribution – taking land from the rich and giving land to the poor

  • Thus, a major similarity between the goals of leaders of the Chinese Communist Revolution, such as Mao Zedong, and the goals of leaders of the Mexican Revolution, such as Emiliano Zapata, in the early twentieth century was support for redistribution of land to poor peasants

  • Even the first communist leader of a successful Marxist Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, promised “Bread, Peace, and Land” – land redistribution was a very desired goal of peasants

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