Signature Development Task Force Agenda November 21, 2013 – Meeting #8

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Signature Development Task Force Agenda

November 21, 2013 – Meeting #8

6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Brooklyn Park City Hall

5200 85th Avenue


Members: Kelly Janssen, Robert O’Keefe, Mike Trepanier, John Jordin, Tonja West-Hafner, Anthony Spears, Mark McNamer, Michael Kisch, Kathy Fraser, Mark Wendt, Carol Vossberg

Staff: Cindy Sherman, Amy Baldwin, Emily Carr, Kim Berggren, Jake Rosenberg

Guest: Barry Pettit

Public: Bren Buckley
Welcome and introductions
Review Policy Recommendation Example

  • Cindy’s Presentation

    • Recap of visioning, insights, and recommendations

  • Follow up conversation

    • Task Force is interested in seeing implementation measures; not overly focused, but to provide some idea of outcomes

    • Will there be a work session with the City Council to give a preview and foster a cohesive vision moving forward

    • Using a scorecard to review development

Recap of Housing Discussion

  • Review of insights

    • What caught your attention?

      • Opinions vs. facts

      • Do multi-family developments really get City funding?

      • Underground parking not necessarily a “must have”

      • Most new Class A developments have underground parking

      • Clarification on small vs. large developments; 200 or 300? 200 unit developments are usually more successful

      • Good observations re: context and demographics and equity vs. individual investors- not in vs. out of state investors

      • Look towards good ownership

      • Can’t predict everything about the housing market, but we can be predictive- good design and materials will help

    • What’s missing?

      • Design sustainably into the future

        • Captured by some insights

      • Build different densities of housing

      • What are the trends?

      • More info on the role of single family housing

        • Not much more single family housing anticipated

      • Mary Bujold said that apartments were trending, confirmed by what was seen on the tour

    • What do you like?

      • Use of quality materials

      • Proximity to jobs, retail

      • Amenities

      • Size matters even through the City can’t control management

      • Further info on mix of apt. size

      • Less square feet, more amenities

Discussion on Design – Barry Petit, SBP Design Consulting

  • Barry’s presentation

    • See Power Point

  • Questions

    • Q: 1-off vs. collective design? A: Single good design piece can influence design

    • Q: What about the expense? Will it deter companies? A: Simple design can be less expensive. Make sure to talk to developers early to guide the design rather than react to something you don’t like. Think about setting the bar with good, basic design fundamentals.

    • Q: What is the impact of design on the tax base? Maple Grove is still successful? A: This type of development is easily replaced by a place that is designed better.

    • Q: How can you influence corporate users, especially ones with a standard design portfolio? A: Have guidelines in place, otherwise you’re being arbitrary and capricious.

  • Review of design discussion

    • What caught your attention?

      • Think about what/who BP is trying to be.

      • Design is powerful, it matters, defines a place

      • Important, but need to balance with existing conditions

      • Meeting early with developers

      • Farm architecture design elements

      • No new Brookdale or Maple Grove

      • Design might be the ticket to change

      • Human vs. auto scale- human scale makes places work

      • BP needs a focal point

    • What are you excited about?

      • BP in 2030 could be great if we pay attention to design

      • Opportunity to create good design guidelines that would make it easy for Staff and developers

      • It is important to emphasize that it’s not always expensive

      • Good timing; out of the recession , good people involved

      • Doable

      • Multi-family design guidelines are a good start towards expanding principle of good design elsewhere

      • What can we put on 610 that will attract people

      • Importance of signature design- Councilmember Jordan’s anecdote on daughter’s college visit

    • Concerns

      • How do we achieve good design? How do we hold the vision?

      • Is it too expensive?

      • Could become a burden to development

      • Staying consistent; having Staff help in maintaining standards and expectations

Jobs Overview

  • Amy’s Jobs Presentation

  • Discussion

    • What stood out?

      • Good design along the 610 corridor will be essential for fiscal success

      • Corridor improvements have the opportunity to increase jobs and be focal point of creation. Design is an integral piece.

      • Good policies and good design need to guide developers

      • Design matters and doesn’t need to be complicated

    • Takeaways

      • Design matters

      • Create good policies

      • Advocate good design principles

9:55pm Adjourn
Next Meeting - Thursday, December 5, 2013 @ Lampi Room, City Hall, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

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