Shoulder to Shoulder: Environmental Service Learning in Ecuador Information Sheet

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References: Faculty or staff who can speak about your character and reliability.


Application Questions
Please type the answers to these questions and attach it to your application. This should not take you more than 2 pages. You can also email this application to the instructors in order to save paper.

  1. Please describe yourself. Include where you are from, your major and why you chose it, and your future goals.

  1. Please describe yourself as a student and why you would like to participate in the Shoulder to Shoulder: Environmental Service Learning Trip to Ecuador.

  1. Please describe any travel experience (international or domestic) away from families and friends.

  1. Have you had any courses where you’ve studied materials from international perspectives, or materials on the environment, or theories of wealth and poverty, or Spanish language, or other topics that you think will be relevant to the trip to Ecuador? Please list them.

  1. Please describe any service work you’ve performed at Lasell or during High School. What was the work, who benefited, what did you learn from the experience?

  1. Describe special skills you can contribute to an environmental service trip in Ecuador (experience with Spanish, cross-cultural experience, experience with building, carpentry, environmental education, cleaning, trail maintenance, social services).

  1. Please describe a group situation or activity in which you took leadership and responsibility. What were the circumstances, what did you do, what did you learn about working with others or yourself?

  1. Please describe an activity or experience in which you were forced to do some unexpected problem-solving with a team or small-group. What obstacles arose, how did you solve them, what did you learn about your personality when you interact with groups?

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