Shoulder to Shoulder: Environmental Service Learning in Ecuador Information Sheet

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Spanish Speaking Ability:

□ None □ Some (HS or College lessons) □ Fluent/Bilingual

Travel Info:
US Citizen □ Yes □ No If NO, which country of Citizenship_______________________________

Passport # ______________________________ Passport Expiration Date ____________________________

Places you have traveled outside of the US _______________________________________________________

Note: As soon as you have a Passport, please supply the passport information (plus a copy of the page w/the photo and name) along with you application, or immediately after your participation in the Program has been confirmed.

If you do not have a Passport of your own, please contact your local Post Office and they will be able to assist you with the process of obtaining one. If you have a non-US Passport, please check its validity as stated above. Should you need more assistance, please contact one of the Instructors.

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