Shoulder to Shoulder: Environmental Service Learning in Ecuador Information Sheet

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How do you apply?

Fill out the info sheet and type your answers to the application questions. Return your application to Amy Greene, Center for Community-Based Learning, Potter Hall, Lower Level or email it to A group interview challenge will follow.

Deadline: Wednesday, Apr. 20th, 2011, 4pm

Group Interview: Kayaking on Charles River April 29th from 3-5pm (meet at the CCBL in Potter Hall).

What will we do in Ecuador?

  • Experience life in a developing country including home-stays, rustic lodges and hostels.

  • Meet Ecuadorian university students and faculty

  • Meet children in the public education system

  • Take part in challenging, dirty, physically demanding service projects that include carpentry, trail maintenance and digging.

  • Wear rain gear or rubber boots at least once a day

  • Get a sunburn in January

  • Visit craftspeople and open markets

  • See traditional music in the public square

  • Make new friends and practice your Spanish.

  • Explore the countryside via horseback/hiking/tractor-rides/pick-up trucks, etc.

  • See beautiful historic buildings in downtown Cuenca that are made with Inca stone.

  • Meet representatives from the government, park service, local NGOs, Peace-corps, schools, and the university.

  • Work as a group to establish the partnership between Lasell and community groups, and bring your knowledge home to be an advocate for future trips.

  • Travel through pristine wilderness and the Inca trail.

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