Shoulder to Shoulder: Environmental Service Learning in Ecuador Information Sheet

What do we do during this course and trip?

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What do we do during this course and trip?

The trip is a 10-day on-the-ground service-based experience related to the environment in Ecuador during January. Our 10 days in Ecuador include group accommodations in hostels, home-stays or cabins (with and without electricity), and full days of intensive manual labor and reflective intellectual work. We will hold class-style discussions each day as well as structured and unstructured encounters with foundations, community workers, other volunteers, and business owners. We intend to visit several locations in Ecuador. It is essential that the trip participants act as a team, are supportive of each other, and approach the trip with open minds. This will ensure a fun, productive and rewarding experience for everyone.
The course is a one-credit primer on environmental service-learning in Ecuador that will meet weekly during the Fall semester (Friday afternoons) to prepare all participants for the trip in January. These course meetings will immerse us in the study of the history, diverse peoples and cultures of Ecuador as we consider social and political issues that affect the natural environment. We will seek to gain a better understanding of the variety of climates and ecological niches that exist and how humans have had an impact over time. The meetings will combine logistics (planning, passports, language tips, paperwork, itineraries, etc.) with the contextual information you will need to be an informed trip participant. We will also be practicing basic Spanish together so that we will be prepared to communicate with community members.

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