Should ncaa student Athletes be paid to play? Abstract

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Should NCAA Student Athletes be paid to play?


This bibliographic essay can be used to help in researching and collecting sources regarding the research question of “Should Ncaa Student athletes be paid to play?” Ncaa and analysts have been asking and researching this question for many of years of now. Some student athletes are struggling to pay their bills help out their families. There are many reasons why we should pay student athletes to play. Unfortunately, all we know is that other people and other factors play in to why they should not get paid to play. All the money the student athletes make for their Universities and all the time they put in as a full time job goes back to the question “Should Ncaa Student athletes be paid to play?”

This paper features various sources, including articles, journals, eBooks, and other online sources. These sources examine not only what students athletes see or what they deal with on a daily bases, but what outsiders see looking in. All of these sources are presented and discussed thoroughly in this essay, and are listed in a reference section at the end to make them easily accessible. The sources used are all scholarly documents, but are easily accessible and understood by the general public audience, so that everyone can see where I got my information.


Paying student athletes will help keep them at their schools to finish their degree. Come back to the question “Should Ncaa Student athletes be paid to play?” Why are so many athletes leaving early to go pro is to help out their families and not have to struggle anymore with dealing with money on and daily bases. It is a full time job, going to school and playing a sport in college. Why can’t we throw them a little money to help them get by? We will look at both sides of this agreement should they get paid and why they shouldn’t get paid?

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