Should napoleon bonaparte be seen enemy of saviour of france? wDirections

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Restate Thesis:

There many ways in which Napoleon can be seen as a good leader and France’s hero.[Give your most important examples and explain]

On the other hand, some can defend the idea that Napoleon can be seen as an enemy of France. [Give your most important examples and explain]

In conclusion, I believe Napoleon should/should not be seen as a good leader because…


wDirections: As we look back in history, should Napoléon Bonaparte be remembered as a good leader? Think about what makes a good leader – then judge Napoléon Bonaparte’s failures and accomplishments.

  • Using your French Revolution vocabulary words discuss and justify your conclusion and rationale in a five or six paragraph essay.

  • Each body paragraph needs to include at least two vocabulary words. (2pt. each) TO RECEIVE POINTS – You must underling or boldface the vocabulary words and follow them with the definition in parenthesis. *Example: Although he originally appointed himself First Counsel, two years later Napoleon Bonaparte was elected First Counsel for life after a plebiscite (popular vote).

  • Your essay will be grading using the WHS History AV rubric (below). Read it carefully and use it as a guide to earning full points.

  • You may choose to present your essay orally or on video. The due date of the video is the same as the paper. For presentations, see me and we will arrange for a day next week.

wVocab words: Napoléon Bonaparte, consulate, plebiscite, Code Napoleon/Napoleonic Code, Battle of Waterloo,

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