Should napoleon bonaparte be seen enemy of saviour of france? wDirections

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Section 1

Point: In 1799, Napoleon took control of France and established…

Evidence: He brought about many important changes which make him seem like a good leader. [Find examples of what he achieved]


Evidence: Despite all of this, it could be said that he was not the best leader. [Find examples of what makes him look like a bad leader]


Link: Overall, as a leader of France, I think he was a good/bad leader because...

Section 2




Section 3

Point: In 1812, Napoleon decided to invade Russia. He had already shown that he could win wars in Europe.[Find examples of victories in Europe] Evidence:

After his victories in Europe, he made a plan to invade Russia.

When it came to it, however, the plan didn’t work out. [Describe how and why the plan failed and what happened to Napoleon as a result] Explaination
Link: Overall, Napoleon’s attempt to invade Russia shows that he was a good/bad leader because…

Section 4

Napoleon managed to escape from the island of Elba in 1815. He showed what kind of a leader he was during the ‘Hundred Days’ when he tried to take back France and fight the Coalition of the British, Prussians and others. [Describe how he took back power and started the war again] Evidence:

The Battle of Waterloo was Napoleon’s last chance to defeat his enemies and stay in power.

He had some advantages…

Despite this, he failed to defeat Wellington.

[Describe his defeat and exile (being sent away from France) and death] Explanation:

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