Should napoleon bonaparte be seen enemy of saviour of france? wDirections

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wDirections: As we look back in history, should Napoléon Bonaparte be remembered as a good leader? Think about what makes a good leader – then judge Napoléon Bonaparte’s failures and accomplishments. Using your French Revolution vocabulary words discuss and justify your conclusion and rationale in a five paragraph essay. Each body paragraph needs to include at least two vocabulary words.

wVocab words: Napoléon Bonaparte, consulate, Code Napoleon/Napoleonic Code, Battle of Waterloo, plebiscite, Grand Empire, Grand Army, Duke of Wellington, scorched-earth policy, abdicate

Below are some points about Napoleon and some examples you can use to back them up. You should choose them carefully, think about which sections they fit in to and add your own explanations and extra details.


was an arrogant man who thought he was always right

was a clever and ambitious man

was a skilled military planner

was brave and determined

wanted to improve the lives of his fellow countrymen

inspired his soldiers, so that they would fight for him.

brought stability in France after it had been through Revolution and War

was impatient and yelled at people that didn’t do fast enough for him.

was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people

made war plans which weren’t always very realistic

brought back glory and pride to the French nation

brought freedom and justice to the whole of Europe

never knew when to stop fighting

brought war and suffering to the whole of Europe

only wanted glory and power for himself

he was ruthless in his desire for power

established a strong banking system

made some disastrous military choices

made France more efficient and better organised

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