Should affirmative action policies, which give preferential treatment based on minority status, be eliminated?

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"Affirmative action allows for fair evaluation of candidates by making up for existing social inequalities."

The Argument: Critics of affirmative action often say that it makes it easier for members of some groups to get into college and harder for others. However, the purpose of affirmative action is to increase the admissions rates of minorities that are under-represented in America's colleges. This under-representation is attributed to various social factors: students from families where few people have pursued higher education are less likely to excel in high school; children who come from communities where English is not regularly spoken face a large disadvantage in reading and writing; and students from school districts with lower funding tend to perform poorly on standardized tests. Affirmative action does not make it easy for students from a disadvantaged background to get into college; it merely makes up for some of the difficulties.

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