Short Essay Practice ap exam Review Fall 2014 short essay #1

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You are asked to estimate if a certain species of plant could live in a salt marsh. You collect the following data:
Overall Ψ of the soil: -2.2 MPa

Solution Concentration of Plant Cell Contents: 0.08 M (assume i=1, and 12C)

Pressure Potential of Plant Cells: -1.2 MPa

R = 0.00831 liter MPa/mole K

Describe whether or not the plant could grow in this environment and explain your prediction.

Justify your reasoning.

Description & Explanation (2 Points Max)

  • (+1) Mentioning that the plant cell’s water potential (-1.39 MPa) is higher than that of the soil (-2.2 MPa).

  • (+1) Mentioning that water would flow out of the plant cell (hypotonic) into soil (hypertonic) or from high Ψ to low Ψ.

  • (+1) Mentioning that the plant cell would not survive (plasmolysis).

Justification / Calculate Solute & Water Potential of Plant Cell (2 Points Max)

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