Shogunate japan yr 8

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knowledge base

which means..

sample tasks





sample assessment task

geographical inquiry and skills checklist

what they need to know first



The way of life in shogun Japan including social, poitical and economic features

describe the way of life in feudal Japan under the shoguns, for example 'bushido' the chivalric code

give a summary of Japanese history up until the shogun era and describe what life was like for people living in Japan during that time

timelines of history, compare shogun to medievel life - debate ?


comparative report



timeline for Japanese history


where Japan is - some basic history of early settlement of Japan- How to draw timeline- how to write comparative report

maps of Asia throughout history


samurai and ninjas

examine the bushido code of the samurai and how that differs from the ninjitsu

look at how the Samurai were trained and had a code of behaviour and compare that the ninja.

guest speaker/demonstrator of martial arts ( Sam Broughton?) to talk about modern importance of codes of behaviours in martial arts -

view dvd on samurai


oral and visual understanding
written report
create list ( code of behaviour)



news letter report
code of behaviour


audience skils
how to write newsletter report
what a 'code of behaviour' is

guest speaker/demonstrator
samurai dvd


The role of the Tokugawa Shogunate in reimposing a feudal system(based on daiymo and samurai) and the increasing control of Shogun over foreign trade.

explain reasons for Japans closure to foreigners under the Tokugawa Shogunate and the impact of US Commodore Perry's visit in 1853

during this period Japan worked on isolating itsef from the rest of the world but still continue to allow some trade with the Chinese and Dutch - Why did they do this and how did the Americans respond.

research and visual presentations on the goods that were traded included guns, clocks and medical technology.


reading comprehension
short answer questioning

research using internet


research presentation
short answer reading comprehensions


how to use appropriate visual presentation tool eg powerpoint /imovie
how to research using internet

access to reading comprehension ( textbook)
access to internet for research/production


the use of environmental resources in Shogunate Japan and forestry and land use poicies of the Tokugawa Shogunate

investigate the demand for available land and patterns of land use
oultining attempts by the Tokugawa shogunate to curb deforestation.

look at how the Japanese managed land use in particulary forestry given the limited resources available to them

compare Jpanese attitude to land clearing to what was happening in england/australian colonies.

Princess Mononoke dvd ?










Theories about the decline of the Shogunate, including modernisation and westernisation, through the adoption of Western arms and technolog

1. describing internal pressures in shogunate Japan (for example the rise of a commercial class at the expense of the samurai, peasant uprisings such as Osaka 1837, and famine)
2. describing the increasing exposure to Western technology and ideas (for example the establishment of a naval school with Dutch instructors, the translation of Western books)
3. evaluating the significance of the Meiji Restoration of 1868 CE that restored imperial rule to Japan











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