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The June issue of FRA Today ran SGT Peter M. Montanari, USMC, Branch 115 in Taps. We sincerely apologize for the error.

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Auxiliary of the FRA NEWS

Message from the Northwest Regional President Dyanne Tryon
Thank you, members of the Northwest Region, for the wonderful opportunity to serve as Regional President. My visits have been enjoyable and I am looking forward to visiting with more of the Northwest Units. However, visiting Guam and Philippine Units at this time is impossible, as funds are just not available, but you are still important and we want your input and participation in the LA FRA.

With summer here many of the Units are having family activities for local youngsters. Keep up the good works. Our Cheyenne Unit 59 is extremely active in the Community, especially for Cheyenne Days. Unit 382, Gem State, Boise, Idaho is doing a fantastic job getting our Regional Convention set up. They have negotiated some great hotel rates for our stay and I am certainly looking forward to our convention.

Now that elections are over and the new slate of officers is taking office I wish to extend my congratulations and wish them much success in the coming year. All of us need to remember we are in this together; give a hand when and where it is needed. We need to get our new members involved; therefore we really need to make an effort to help them by mentoring and giving our support. They also need our encouragement to attend the Regional and National Conventions. It is very helpful for everyone to become acquainted with other members in their Region and share ideas and knowledge. I was extremely fortunate to have Shipmate Louise Miller as my mentor; she really helped me along when I first joined and started going to conventions with her. This is an organization that is in existence for our benefit and it is helpful to understand the way it works. It is also very important that everyone’s input be expressed. If your unit cannot send a delegate to the Conventions, please be sure to have your unit proxies sent instructed as to how to vote on the important issues on behalf of your unit to both the Regional and National Credentials Chairmen.

On Veteran’s Day 2010 I attended Tahoma National Cemetery for the services and dedication of the Carillon purchased and installed by Seattle Branch 18. The Cemetery is lovely and the weather cooperated. After the services were over the heavens spilled tears for our fallen heroes. If ever you visit the Puget Sound Region, visit the Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, Washington. It is very nice. Also take the time to see the tributes installed by the different Veterans’ Organizations on the walk around the flag pavilion.

God bless America and keep our troops and their families in your prayers. A special prayer for all the SEALS that have every right to be proud of the job they do and know that we are proud of them.

All of you who are ill or under the weather, we send prayers and wishes for brighter days. Anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary, congratulations and may you have many more. Those who have lost a loved one know that we are thinking of you and hoping your heart will mend with love.
Fran Hoadley is the editor of LA FRA News and the FRA Today Liaison

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