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Health Care Issues

Automatic Refills Available with Pharmacy Home Delivery

TRICARE beneficiaries who use TRICARE pharmacy Home Delivery can include prescriptions in the automatic refill program. If enrolled, beneficiaries are reminded (by e-mail or phone) seven days in advance that an automatic refill is scheduled for shipping. Unless they contact Express Scripts Inc. (ESI), the TRICARE pharmacy contractor, the prescription will be automatically refilled.

Beneficiaries using Home Delivery save money. Copayments at retail pharmacies are three times higher for a 90-day supply of the same medication, which can add up to $176 more per year for a brand-name prescription. Beneficiaries switching from retail to Home Delivery (formerly called TRICARE Mail-Order Pharmacy) also helped the Department of Defense save $30 million in 2010. To sign up for Home Delivery or to enroll existing Home Delivery prescriptions in the automatic prescription refill program, beneficiaries should go to ESI’s website ( or call the TRICARE Member Choice Center at 877-363-1433.

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