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FRA Today - July 2011

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shipmate forum 5

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COMMUNICATIONS: What can you do on

FRA’s website has many great tools for members, and I wanted to share a few. Please email if you have thoughts or ideas of ways the site can be improved in the future, or to share what you like about using it. The input will be very useful for further developments.


No association website is complete without an option to join online. Please let prospective members know they can easily join by clicking the “Join FRA” button on the home page. New members can pay online with a credit card or to have a bill sent.

Pay Your Dues

On the home page there is also a link to “Pay Your Dues.” Per Chapter XXIII of the Branch Admin Manual, a bill is generated 60 days prior to the membership expiration. When a dues bill is generated, that bill is immediately accessible through Login to your account (we respect your privacy and keep your data secure, so you must login) and if you owe dues, you’ll see a link immediately to take you to the secure dues payment section. You will choose the length of membership renewal you would like (1-, 2-, 3-, 5-year or life). Of course, if you don’t owe money, this won’t be something you see.

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