Shields genealogy Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields

Descendants of William F. and Margaret Wilson Shields

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Descendants of William F. and Margaret Wilson Shields

Robert Shields, the first son and oldest child of William and Margaret was born in 1790 in the fort in Sevier County, Tenn. He came with his parents to southern Indiana in 1808 or 1809. He served in the war of 1812. Robert married Elizabeth DAVIS about 1815. There were three daughters and three sons: Elizabeth, Emily, Jeanette; William; Elijah born 1824 and Jonathan born Feb. 16, 1826, near Westport, Decatur, IN. Robert, the father, was a wheel-wright and an artist in wood carving. The little spinning wheel which he made and gave to his sister Nancy Elliott has as a wedding gift in 1815 and was brought to Kansas in 1860 and was still in use in 1875. Robert died in 1826. His wife Elizabeth outlive him 65 years, she passed away in 1891.

1. William Shields them. Margret Wilson daughter of Samuel Wilson

2. Robert b. 1790 m. Elizabeth DAVIS in 1817
3. William Shields b. 1818 m. Matilda Brinker
4. William P. Shields, lived near Hayden, IN
5. Eliza Shields m. Thurston at Brewersville, IN
4. Martin Shields lived in Okla.
4. Henry Shields
4. Josiah Shields
3. Elizabeth Shields m. b.1820 m. Jacob Merriman
4. John Merriman
4. He Elijah Merriman
4. Sara Merriman
4. Elizabeth Merriman
4. Mary Merriman
4. Emma Jane Merriman
4. Katherine Merriman
4. Martha Merriman
3. Emily Shields b. 1822 m. John Holmes
4. Sara Holmes
4. Dee Holmes
4. Bird homes
4. Perry Holmes
3. Elijah Shields Dee. 1824 m. Catherine Morgan
4. Jeremiah Shields m. Urula Wileford 1866
5. Eli Jeff Shields Dee. 1868 m. Blanche Lowe
6. Glen Shields
6. Jetta Ann Shields
6. Monroe Shields
6. Forrest Shields
6. Roy Shields
6. Edna Shields
6. Ursula Shields
6. Harry Shields
5. Maryette Shields m. Johnson
5. Katherine Shields m. Levy
4. Mary Shields m. Dunnford
5. George Shields Dunnford
5. William Dunnford m. Mary Reynolds, Hollenberg, Kansas
6. Edna Dunnford m. Carlysle, Long Beach, CA

6. Mary Dunnford m. Watts, Ontario, CA

6. Amie Dunford m.
7. One daughter
6. Jessie Dunnford
4. Martha Shields m. William Hadley

5. Several children but do not have names

3. Jonathan Shields Dee. 1826 m. Elizabeth Fuel
4. William war she 10 Shields m. Martha Ann DAVIS
5. Many Shields m. George Anderson

  1. Bertha Anderson m. Sherman Michael, Ozawkie Kansas

7. Merle Michael m. at Washington, D.C 7. Melvin Michael

7. Fred Bell Michael

7. Elmer Michael

7. Leladell Michael

6. Pearl of Anderson m. been in Chubbuck, Morrowville, Kansas

7. Vineta Anderson

7. Esther Anderson
7. Vivian Anderson
6. Arthur Andersen m. Ethel Robbins Mooresville Kansas
7. Gerald H. Anderson m. Marie Mc Collough
8. Gale Anderson
8. Darlene Anderson
7. Verna Lucille Anderson m. Ray Massie to, June 1937 died June 1938 in a train car accidents.
7. Floor in Cecil Anderson m. Elizabeth Hammond
8. Ronald Lee Anderson
8. Dale Marion Anderson
8. Clinton Anderson
8. Robert Anderson
8. Paul Anderson
7. Glenn Woodrow Anderson m. Dorothy Campbell
8. Vernon Glenn Anderson
8. Phyllis Anderson
Married second Ruby Hiatt (Casey) of Omaha Nebraska
8. Joyce Jean Anderson m. Greg Ortman

9. Faye Ortman

9. Tammy Ortman

9. Gregory Ortman

9. Philip Ortman

8. Frederick Anderson died infant

8. Dale Fred Anderson m.

9. Shane Anderson

Dale married Shelley and had a bore a named Thor, later adopted by Shelley’s second husband. He then had a girlfriend, Vickie Baird and had a boy named Brandon Anderson who is about the same age as Susannah, my daughter. (Larry Anderson) He had another girlfriend, Marie, and had a daughter named Savannah. She was living in Salt Lake City, UT
8. Larry Dean Anderson m. Tanya Jean Livingston of Carter Lake, Iowa. We were married in Omaha Nebraska while I was in the army. We were divorced, beginning 1994 and finalized December 1996. I gained custody of my children in June 1996.

9. Stephanie Jean Louise Anderson

9. Jonathan Glenn Allen Anderson

9. Sarah Mae Ellen Anderson

9. Susannah Marie Jeanette Anderson

9. Rebecca Elizabeth Goldie Anderson

9. Jacob William Osten Anderson

9. Larry Daniel Benjamin Anderson

Larry remarried to Ruth Malce Alo, from the Philippines.

9. Laura Sophia Alo Anderson

  1. Matthew James Alo Anderson

  1. Rachel Ruby Alo Anderson

8. Duane Lee Anderson m. Jean Bird

Duane married second to Sandy Wilson

9. Lisa Marie Anderson

8. Bruce Martin Anderson

Glenn and Ruby adopted their grandchild, Shane Anderson, daughter of Dale Anderson. In

7. Beulah Anderson m. Ronald Ray
8. Donna Jeanne

8. Robert Brown (Bobby)

Aunt Bea married second to Fred Clark and adopted 3 children 8. Lanny Clark
8. Johnnie Clark
8. Susan Clark
7. Duane Hubert Anderson m. Betty Haynes

8. Michael Duane Anderson

8. Jennie Anderson m. James Ware
Duane Hurbert married and had three other children
7. Geraldine Faye Anderson m. Gerald Macy, second Frank Newman, and Gerald Christensen

7. Gerald or Jerry Macy

8. Kenneth

  1. 8. Karla

  2. 8. Jesse

  3. 8. Richard

7. Donald Eugene Anderson m. Wilma Keim

8. Pamela Anderson

8. Gary Anderson

8. Larry Anderson, d. In auto accident while still in high school
6. Effie Anderson m. John Hewitt, Mayetta Kansas
7. Stella Hewitt

7. Zola Hewitt

  1. John B. Hewitt

6. Virgil Anderson m. Mary Thayer, Topeka Kansas

7. Marguerite Anderson

7. Dorothy Anderson

6. Edgar Anderson m. Pearl Rogers
7. Fairbelle Anderson

7. Esther Faye Anderson

7. Everett Anderson
6. Frederick Anderson m. Gladys Woodward
7. Thaine Anderson

7. Keith Anderson

For Martha Ann DAVIS second m. C. Rebecca Shields Descendants

4. Amanda and Shields

4. Mary Jane Jane Shields m. Ami Dixon
5. Jonathan Ami Dixon

5. Ira Tipton Dixon

4. Jemima Shields m. Larkin Menefee

5. Note: Ira Davis page 25 and 71

5. Vada Menefee m. Wayne tends

5. Hettie Menefee m. Roy G. Derrick 1906

6. Lyle R. Derrick D. 1907 m. Esther Scholz, 1931
7. Joan Elaine Derrick D. 1932
5. Lucinda Menefee m. Clyde Roberts
6. Esther Roberts
5. Dora Menefee

5. Ursula Menefee

5. Off to Menefee m. Lewis Hall

6. Alvin Menefee

According to the chronology of naming the sons, William must have been the second son of William and Margret, born in the fort in about 1792. He was twice married, first to Hannah Toothman, whose children are given as: Mary, Janet or Jeanette, Mark, James and Samuel. His second wife was Aria or Ariana Evans. Her children are said to have been: Hannah, Deliah, Jesse, Tipton, William and twins Amanda and Ovanda who were born about 1845, one of which had one blue and one brown. There was one, Rebecca, who was a cripple and lived to be 30 years of age. Another daughter named Alva, born Dec. 25, 1835, married her cousin William Toothman. Those names and dates may not be absolutely correct as we have been unable to get in touch with the descendants of William and Aria Evans Shields, to our deep regret. William and Maria moved to Wisconsin and settled in Bad ax County (now Vernon County) in 1857.

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