Shields genealogy Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields


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1) William and Margaret Wilson Shields

2) Descendants of James and Nancy Shields Elliott

3) John Perry Elliott b. May 19, 1829 d. Dec. 18, 1884 m. Harriet Lorena Odell, Apr. 11, 1848, d. Feb. 22, 1854

4) Josephine Lorena Elliott b, Jan 6. 1850, m. Jared Marks, June 1868 at Reynold, Nebr.

5) John Elliott Marks b, Aug, 1869 m. Jackson 1897

6) Emmanuel marks b. 1900 m. Mary Groathouse, 1922

6) Metta marks b. 1902 m. Geo. Wolcott, 1920

7) There are 4 children bu do not know their names

6) Willard Marks b. 1905 lives at Colo. Springs, Colo.

6) Nina Marks b. 1907 m. J. Tribble, live in Memphis, T.

5) There are 4 other children of Jared and Josephine Marks but do not have their names. Jared died and Josephine married nelson Andrews, no children

3) John P. Elliott 2nd m. Catherine Alkire, b. Mar. 29, 1856

4) Sarah Jane Elliott, b. Jan. 3, 1856, d. April 4, 1901 m. Andrew J. Elder, Nov.1, 1875, d. Aug. 28, 1931

5) Ella Edith Elder b. July 11, 1876, I. Johnson Aug. 1893

6) Glen Harlow Johnson b. May 1, 1894

6) Verne Johnson b. Apr. 10, 1896 m.

5) Perry Thomas Elder b. Feb. 23, m. 1879 d. Aug. 2, 1881

5) Pearl Tipton Elder, b. Feb. 8, 1881 m. mar. 1914

6) Ruth Marie b. Oct. 12, 1915 home at Deshler, Nebr.

5) Verne Elder, b. Nov. 4, 1883 m. Charles Franklin Blevins, Nov.1903 Fairbury, N.

6) John Elliott Blevins b. July 1,1904, m. V. Reeder, 1903

7) July, 1933 (name not known)

6) Luther Shields Blevins b. July 26, 1906

6) Charles Calvin Blevins b. Sept. 26, 1903

6) Andrew Lester Blevins, b. Apr. 16, 1913

6) Margaret Catherine Blevins b. Sept.26, 1915

4) James Absalom Elliott b. Dec. 24, 1860 d. Jan. 1, 1899

4) Harriet Ann Elliott, b. Feb. 19, 1863, m. T. Dobbins, 1886

5) Bessie Leona Dobbins b. Apr. 6, 1997 m. Wm. J. Bryan, Lincoln Nebr. Dec. 19, 1913

6) Frances Bryan, b. 1915 d. 1925, Casper, Wyoming.

5) Earl Dobbins b. F. 5, 1890 m. Evangeline Nestlinger, 1916

6) Clark E. Dobbins b. Feb. 22, 1917

5) Cecil Dobbins b. Aug. 4, 1894, Fairbury, Nebr. m. Etta French Lindsey, Greybull, Wyoming

4) Isaac Tipton Elliott b. May 4, 1865 m. Jo. Cerney, 1890

5) Roy Cerney Elliot b. Mar. 8, 1981. World War veteran

5) Agnes Elliott b. july3, 1893 m. Norcross, Greeley, Colo.

5) Beulah Elliott, b. Oct. 28, 1895

5) Roland Elliott b. June 7, 1879

4) Agnes Elizabeth Elliott b. June 1, 1860 m. D. M. Duncan, 1896 at Fairbury, Nebr.

5) Ruth Duncan b. 1897, was World War Worker and teacher. M. Myers a govt. Employee sent to Alaska

6) There were 3 children, their address in Portland, ore. Ruth was buried there in 1935

5) Perry Dewey Duncan b. 1900 d. 1926 m. 1921

6) Richard M. Duncan b. 1922 Portland, Ore.

4) Ruby Ellen Elliot b. March 18, 1870 m. John Wilson, Nov. 23, 1886, Atwood, Kansas

5) Dallas Wilson b. June 16, 1889, Miltonvale, Kan. M.

5) Maxine Wilson b. Jan. 18, 1901 Atchison, Kansas

4) Bertie Albertine Elliott b. Nov. 20, 1872. m. Geo Venables Mar. 1902. No children. Bertie died Oct. 1935


Jasper Newton, the ninth child of James and Nancy Shields Elliott was born Jan. 9. 1833 was deeply religious, always a student and became well educated and a very successful teacher fro several years before going to Minn., in 1858. He married Kizziah Green in 1856. They came with the family to Washington County, Kansas in 1860 and settled on the NE one-fourth of section 23, township 1, range 4.

He was active in organizing class meeting and Sunday school in the community, also in getting the school district No. 4 established. He secured the traveling library for the Sunday School which proved a great blessing in the country. He was interested in the civic welfare of the country as well, filling the office on the school board and also served as Justice of the peace for many years. He taught the first two terms of school in district No. 4 in 1866 and 1867, at $25.00 per month and boarded himself. The school terms were three months.

He was powerful in prayer and song service. The writer has heard him singing a mile distant, the words coming clear and distinctly on the still evening air. He was known through out the country for his integrity, justice and honesty. He enjoyed a life of service to humanity. In teaching, he rewarded all good work done and gave prizes for bible verses committed to memory in the Sunday School. He was not slow in his sense of wit; one cold morning in Nov. 1875, someone remarked, “It was too cold for peach blossoms.” Jasper replied, “but I see you have Beanblossoms,” referring to a bright little lad near by who bore that name.

The paternal love was strong in all the Elliott family, they were all lovers of children and he was no exception. No children come to bless their home yet their hearts and home welcomed and cared for a number of children in the early days of Kansas, boarding them and sending them to school. Three children were cared fro from early childhood until grown and settled in homes of their own.

In 1875 he sold the home and moved to Benton Co., Ark., where he engaged in raising fruit, putting out a large apple orchard. This work and the environment were not conductive to his health, which was more or less broken for ten years. He passed away April 10, 1892. His wife survived him 23 years. They are both buried in a rural cemetery near Bloomfield, Ark.


Nancy McCaleb Elliott, the tenth and smallest of al the children of James and Nancy Shields Elliott was born Dec. 24, 1835, in Fulton Co., Indiana. She was truly a Christ like gift. Her spirit of hope, faith and love of humanity never wavered nor warned throughout all the years of her long life of 87 years. The multitude of cares and anxieties usually necessary in the rearing of a family of tem children of her own left no lines of care on her broad brow, nor dimmed the joy in her large blue eyes. Her reply to a niece who questioned the future and her duty, is a sermon never forgotten, when she said, “Well my time and duties are in the hands of the Lord and whatever is his will is mine.”

She married Thomas Gilbert brown, April 24, 1855. He came from New York and had two children by a previous marriage, which made 12 in all to care for. They first settled on a farm south of the Little Blue River, opposite from her father’s claim. Later they sold and took land just across the state line, who and one-half miles southeast of Steele city in Jefferson Co., Nebr. Six of their ten children were born here. Thomas was a judge of good land and a very good provider. While not a professional Christian when he married into the Elliott family, he later joined the church and became a deacon.

Alice Brown a stepdaughter married a fine man named William Fuller. Their four children are Charles, born in 1870 in Washington Country, Kansas; Stella and on other girl and Paul Fuller. Paul has worked in the ford Auto Shops for more than 20 years. Leander Brown, the other stepchild married Melinda Kellum in Benton Co., Ark. Their home is in Ponca City, Okla.

Nancy Elliott Brown survived her husband 15, years or more. They are buried near Cherokee City, Benton Co., Ark, in a beautiful country cemetery. Their children are as follows: Rebecca Ann born may 7, 1856 in Fulton Co., Minnesota: Ida Bell Brown, Born May 4, 1864 in Jefferson Co., Nebraska: Amy Dell Brown, born Mach 20, 1866 in Jefferson Co., NE: Ruth Jane Brown born Feb. 7, 1869 and Ulysses Grant Brown, born May 15, 1871 both born in Jefferson Co., Ne: Lillian brown, born Sept. 13, 1875 and John Elliott brown born Feb. 16, 1875, both born in Benton Co., Arkansas.

Many interesting incidents could be told of the early days in Indiana, Minnesota and Kansas that make traditional history.
1) William and Margaret Wilson Shields

2) James and Nancy Shields Elliott

3) Thomas Gilbert and Nancy Elliott Brown

4) Rebecca Ann Brown b. May 7, 1856 d. 1910 m. Ansel Cherry b, Feb. 13, 1855 m. Feb. 6, 1884

5) Eva Cherry b, Sept 12, 1889 m. R. Hendren, Aug. 1906

6) John C. Hendren b. Jun 6, 1908, Nowater Okla.

6) Flossie May Hendren b. Sept. 23, 1909

6) Edwin Ross Hendren b. Mar. 29, 1911

6) Eunice and Inis b. Oct. 20, 1912

5) Lilly Cherry b. Nov. 21, 1891 at Bos, Okla. m. Walter Hurt, Nov 11, 1914 b. Nov. 2, 1889

6) Ruby Hurt b. Nov. 2, 1916

5) Lilia Cherry b. Apr 8, 1984

5) John Cherry b. Jan. 5, 1896

4) Jay brown b. Mar. 17, 1959 in Wabasha Co., Minn. m. Jane Kellann May 25, 1879, Benton Co., Ark

5) Emery D. Brown b. mar. 7, 1880 m. Harriet Thompson, May 2, 1902

6) Sanna May Brown b. Sept. 22, 1903

6) Myrtle Lucille Brown b. 1905

6) Louisa Verene Brown b. Feb. 1907

5) Ida Mae Brown b. Oct. 26, 1884 m. Enos Thompson Feb. 24, 1904 at Hennesey, Okla.

6) Janie Marie b. 1905

6) Edith Melinda b. 1908

5) Thomas Gilbert Brown b. dec. 10, 1886 m. Ethel Ketcham May 25, 1915

6) Thomas Wesley Brown b. 1916

6) Noble Eldon Brown b. 1917, Puerto N. M

5) Jessie Shields Brown b. Mar. 16, 1889, Tucumcari, N.M m. Nellie Ross, Nov. 9, 1910

6) Cecil Brown b. 1911

6) Josephine Brown b. 1912

6) Lee Brown b. 1914

6) Lawrence Brown b. 1917

5) Evan J. Brown b. Sept. 3, 1894 m. DeLoss Locklear, Mar. 22, 1912, a minister

6) A. T. Locklear b. 1913

6) C. S Locklear b. 1915, Iowa Co., N.M

5) Earnest Lee Brown b. Feb. 25, 1896

5) Belva Bernice b. Feb. 23, 1900 m. V. L. Marford, Nov. 1906

4) Ida bell Brown b. May 4, 1864 Jefferson Co., Nebr. m. Abasha William Evans Sept. 16, 1884, Sedan, Kansas

5) Walter A. Evans b. Nov. 29, 1885 m. Lillian Pearl Buckles, Nov. 27, 1910

6) Edith Evans b. Dec. 21, 1911 at Manzanola, Colo.

6) Walter Earl b. Nov. 11, 1915

5) Stella Pearl Evans b. Aug. 19, 1888 at Toledo, Wash. M. Zeno H. Green b. 1882 in N. Carolina m. Oct. 3, 1908 at Tucumcari, N. M.

6) Walter Edward b. Oct. 12. 1909

6) Zeno H. Green b. June 30, 1912 d. Dec. 2, 1915

5) Amy Dell Evan b. Dec. 12, 1982 d. Oct 1915, m. Ralph Dutcher Sept. 13, 1912

5) Jay William Evans b. June 11, 1894, d. Jan. 1, 1915, Saline, Kansas

5) Thomas D. Evans b. Jan. 5, 1898 m.

5) Roy Dean b. Apr. 6, 1900, resides at Tenino, Washington

5) Nancy Grace b. July 27, 1902 m.

5) Elverda Lillian Evans b. Nov. 10, 1903 d. Nov. 25, 1915

4) Amy Dell Brown b. March 30, 1866 Jefferson Co., Nebr. m. John Engle, Benton Co., Ark. 1886

5) Nancy Engle b. 1887 m. Morgan

5) Richard Thomas Engle b. 1889

5) Lillian Engle b. 1891

5) Hester Engle b. 1895

4) Ruth Jane Brown b. Feb, 1869, Steele City, Nebr. d. 1891 m. Henry Jackson, Sunnyside, Washington

4) Ulysses Grant brown b, May 15, 1871 m. Ida Lane Sep. 1897

5) Vona Ulysses Brown b. Aug. 22, 1899

5) Ethel May Brown b. Nov. 2, 1902, Cherokee City, Ark.

4) Lillian Brown b, Sept. 13, 1875, Benton Col., Ark. M. Peter Cherry Jan. 10, 1902 b. Jan. 28, 1860

5) Hazel May Cherry b. Nov. 1, 1902

5) Mabel Lee Cherry b. Feb. 3, 1906, Niles, Kansas

4) John E. Brown b. Feb. 16, 1879 m. Elizabeth lace Reb. 1902

5) Pearlie Elizabeth Brown b. 1903

5) There are others whose names we did not secure.

The eleventh child of James and Nancy Elliott was Isaac Tipton. He was possessed of the same quiet, sunny temperament, of his sister Nancy, with the same undaunted spirit of faith and hope that trust in humanity and God’s protecting care. He was born Feb. 6, 1837. He took a claim joining that of his brother-in-law, Emery derrick in Washington Col., Kansas in 1860, but relinquished his claim to his brother-in-law Alex Miller when he insisted in the Civil war in 1862. He served for three years in the 13th Reg. Kansas Volunteers, Co., H, under Col. Moonlight and Col. Bowen and Gen. Blunt. He was sent home on sick furlough at one time but under the care of his mother he was able to return to his company. At one time, they tell of him, doing picket duty one dark rainy night in a dense wood, the rebel sharpshooters were passing in squads and shooting frequently, when Isaac called out, “Look out there boys, don’t shoot, you will hit somebody yet,” and the firing seemed to cease for a time.

One time, on his homestead, after the war he had a fine cabbage patch and remarked that we would raise cabbage whether it rained o not as he could irrigate it near the river. The cabbage grew into perfect heads but he failed to reckon with the grasshoppers, which come in swarms and didn’t leave a stalk of cabbage.

His religion was in his kindness of heart more than in song and audible prayer, and his happy sunny spirit of hope.

In 1866 he married Margaret Davis, his cousin. There seemed never to be a discordant note in their home. The little town of Hollenberg, Kansas in now located on their homestead.

Their children are: Mary Etta born Nov. 1, 1869 on the homestead: Frank Elliott, only son was born June 11, 1873 at Bethany, Mo. In 1871 Isaac sold the homestead and moved to Bethany, Mo., where he was employed as section foreman until his death, in 1914. His wife, Margaret survived him more than 20 years.
1) William and Margaret Wilson Shields

2) James and Nancy Shields Elliott

3) Isaac Tipton Elliott b. Feb. 6, 1837 m. his cousin, Margaret Davis b. Nov. 14, 1845 n. Dec. 6, 1866

4) Mary Etta Elliott b. Nov. 1, 1869 m. john Hannars, Aug. 18, 1889; 2nd m. Edward Hunt Jan. 1, 1900

5) Alice Hannars b. 1890 m. Ed Wallace June 1909

6) Clifford J. Wallace b. 1910

6) Clara May Wallace b. 1912

5) Sylvia Hannars b. 1892 m. Lawrence Wallace, Nov. 1909

6) Lelia Margaret Wallace b. 1911

6) Lyal Sherman Wallace b. 1913

6) Martha Areta Wallace b, 1914

5) Ada Hannars b, 1894 m. Earnest Jones 1910

6) Lawrence Jones b. 1911

6) Mary Alice Jones b. 1913

5) Clara Hannars b. 1896 m. Chas. Hartman 1913

6) Charles Hartman, jr. b. 1914

5) Albert Hunt b, Oct. 21, 1901

5) Frank Hunt b. Nov. 22, 1902

4) Frank Elliott b. June 11, 1873 at Bethany, Mo. M. Mary Hunt 1897

5) Melvern Elliott b. 1904

5) Ruth Elliott b. 1900 m. Howard While 1917

6) Howard White, Jr. b. 1918

4) Eunice Elliott b. Jan 30, 1883 m. Joe. Hunt Nov. 27, 1900

5) Doris Letha Hunt b. Dec. 4, 1903

5) Hazel Elaine Hunt b. 1906

5) Earnest Hunt b. 1908

5) Charles Hunt b. 1913
Jesse Shields Elliott, twelfth child of James and Nancy Elliott, was born June 10, 1840 in Cass County, Indiana. He went with his parents to southern Minnesota in 1858, coming to Kansas in 1860. A year later he married Ann Lorena Morgan in Washington Co., Kans. He enlisted in the Civil War in 1862 in Co. H, 13th Kansas Regular Volunteers under Col., Thomas M. Bowen serving without furlough until the war closed. He was lost in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks four days, unable to find his way because of rain and dense clouds. In his wandering he came upon a horse with saddle and bridle on, tangled in the brush; with this means he was able, by letting the horse follow his own will, to come safely to a house and from there he later joined his regiment. This was just after the battle of Pea Ridge. He served under Gen. Blunt.

He reached home in June 1865 and took a claim along the Little Blue; Jesse homesteaded the quarter adjoining his brother Isaac’s claim and moved his family there in the spring of 1866. Five years later the Union Pacific R. R. was built and the town of Hollenberg was laid out. Jesse built the first hotel in the town.

He was decidedly a Shields in looks and temperament, was a member of the Masonic Lodge and after locating in Lewis Co., Washington, he served for several years as Marshall or doorkeeper in the Legislature at Olympics

He was a believer in Divine Providence and like all the Elliott’s he was a lover of children and always had a fund of songs and stories from them. As a child, I remember how happy we always were to see “Uncle Jess.” The happiest hours of his declining years were those spent with his own grand children.

Of their four children, only one lived to adult age, namely Lelia Agnes, born Aug. 20, 1862. She marred William Lyona in Chautauqua County, Kansas. Lafayette Morgan Elliott, their only son was born at Hollenbeg about 1868 or 1869 and died near Bloomfield, Ark., in 1879 or 1880.

After living in Lewis Co., Washington near Winlock for 25 years or more, Jesse and wife moved to Sunnyside in the Yakima Valley where Jesse passed away Sept. 1909 followed a few years later by his wife; both are buried at Sunnyside, Washington and their children live near there.

1) William and Margaret Wilson Shields

2) James and Nancy Shields Elliott

3) Jesse Shields Elliott b. June 10, 1840, Fulton Co., Ind. m. Ann Lorena Morgan, Dec. 1, 1861

4) Lelia Agnes Elliott b. Aug. 30, 1862, Washington Co., Kan. M. William Lyons Sept. 25, 1881 Chautauqua C., Kans.

5) Jesse Shields Lyons b. Oct. 24, 1882 d. Aug. 20, 1910 m. Goldie Moon, 1907 Toledo, Washington

6) Theodore Lyons b. April 23, 1919

5) James Lyons b. April 21, 1887 m. Ida Betty Apr 21, 1907

6) Eva Lyons b. Nov. 30, 1908

6) Clifford Lyons b. July 10, 1910

6) Edith Lyons b. June 10, 1912

6) William Homer Lyons b. March 4, 1916

5) Roy Lyons b. Jan. 29, 1893 m. Jean Robinson April 15, 1913

6) Jesse Lyons b. Feb. 23, 1914

6) Dale Lyons b. Feb. 22. 1916, (Yakima Co., Washington).

5) Lily Lyons b. July 12, 1897 m. Ray Colby Aug. 8, 1917 d. Nov. 1918

The youngest child of James and Nancy Elliott was Rebecca Ann born Jan. 3, 1843 in Cass Co., Ind. She was named Rebecca for a younger sister of her mother. She had black hair and blue eyes and rosy cheeks of a typical Irish Colleen. She also possessed the Lafayette Morgan, their only son, Miles Absalom, was born Jan. 3, 1862. A few months later her husband enlisted in the Civil War, Rebecca remained with her parents.

The father, James Elliott passed away near the close of the Civil War, In Sept. 1965. He had requested that Lafayette and Rebecca remain with her mother in the parental home, this they did until early in 1874, when they moved to Rice Co., Kansas, later they joined other relatives in Benton County, Ark., where Miles, their only son passed away suddenly on Dec. 23,1876. In the spring of 1877 they moved to Chautauqua Co., Kansas where they resided until 1880, going from there to Centralia, Washington.

Their children were: Jesse Ann, born Feb. 14, 1868, married to E. A. Smith, March 10, 1884; Nancy Dora born Feb. 25, 1870 in 1885 in Centralia Washington; Rachel Serena, born in Washington Co., Kansas. May 6, 1872, married Morrison Waite, July 23, 1899 in Lewis Co., Washington; Edith Edna, born May 20, 1905 in Yakima Co., Washington; Lelia Alice, born Oct. 23, 1879 in Chautauqua Co., Kansas, married Joseph Grice, June 12, 1910 in Whatcom Co., Washington both were teachers.

1) William and Margaret WILSON SHIELDS

2) James and Nancy SHIELDS ELLIOTT

3) Rebecca Ann ELLIOTT b. Jan 3, 1843 in Cass Co., IN married LaFayette MORGAN, Jan 31, 1861 in Washington Co., Kansas

4) Miles Absalom b. Jan 3, 1862 d. Dec. 23, 1876

4) Jesse Ann MORGAN b. Feb 14, 1868 married E. A. SMITH March 1884.

5) Bessie SMITH b. Dec. 27 1885 m. J. Slagle March 1904

6) Jessie SLAGLE b. Jan 17, 1905

6) James SLAGLE b. Oct. 7, 1906, King Co., Washington

5) Gertrude SMITH b. Oct. 18, 1886, Lewis Co., Washington, married Jerry PETER, July 3, 1908.

6) Wilma PETERS b. Nov 7, 1909

6) Helen PETERS b. Dec. 1910

6) Harold PETERS b. May 12, 1912

6) Chester Peters b. Oct 20, 1913

5) Richard SMITH b. April 21, 1888 married Ann LARSON, May 1917.

4) Nancy Dora MORGAN b. Feb. 25, 1870 married Samuel J. MASSINGHAM, Nov. 18, 1885

5) Lois M. MASSINGHAM , b. Aug. 3, 1886 married Mark O. EASTMAN, Sept 29, 1909

6) Nellie B. EASTMAN b. Dec. 12, 1909

6) Mark O. EASTMAN, Jr., b. Feb 2, 1912

5) Alfred L. MASSINGHAM b. June 14, 1888 m. Ida May DESKINS July 12, 1912

6) Virginia MASSINHAM b. June 10, 1913

6) Donald MASSINGHAM b. Sept 8, 1916

5) Alice MASSINGHAM b. April 5, 1890 married Milton H. CAMPBELL, Sept 30, 1905

6) Catherine Bell CAMPBELL b. April 28, 1907

6) Dora Ann Campbell b. May 18, 1908

6) Minnie M. CAMPBELL b. Sept 22, 1910

6) Elizabeth J. CAMPBELL b. July 14, 1912

5) Mary Ann MASSINGHAM b. Aug 27, 1895 m. Hans C. Rassmussen Sept 10, 1910

6) Elmer RASSMUSSEN b. April 26, 1912

6) Luella RASSMUSSEN b. October 5, 1914

6) Norman RASSMUSSEN b., September 16, 1916

5) Edna Dora MASSINGHAM b. Aug. 8, 1897 m. George WEIGANT July 5, 1913

6) Donald G. WEIGANT b., April 8, 1915

5) S. Arthur MASSINGHAM b. Dec 22, 1900

5) Dollie Dot MASSINGHAM b. June 5, 1902

5) Marquis O. MASSINGHAM b. July 25, 1906

4) Rachel Serenea MORGAN b. May 6, 1872 married Morrison T. WAITE, July 13, 1880 in Lewis Co., Washington

5) Iona T. WAITE b. July 13, 1891 m. Melvin BISHOP 1910

6) Francis May BISHOP b. Oct 15, 1913

5) Etta C. WAITE b. Aug 3, 1892 m. Arthur Julian, June 12, 1910, Kootenai Co., ID

5) Jennie D. WAITE b. Aug 26, 1894

5) Angie R. WAITE b. Dec. 7, 1901

5) LaFayette M. WAITE b. Nov 26, 1905

5) Vernon O. WAITE b. Aug 30, 1915 d. Dec. 29 1915

4) Armita MORGAN b. June 19, 1874, Rice Co., Kansas married M. A. T. CHILVERS, July 12, 1891

5) Elizabeth CHILVERS b. March 30, 1892 m. Charles BRITON, 1910

6) Forest BRITON, b. May 18, 1911

5) George CHILVERS b. Jan 5, 1898

5) Myrtle CHILVERS b. April 11, 1901

5) Nettie CHILVERS b. Feb. 15, 1905

4) Edith Edna MORGAN b. May 20, 1877, Cau. Co., Kansas, married Frank REYNOLDS, Dec. 1, 1897

5) Ora May REYNOLDS b. Dec. 1, 1897

5) John Earl REYNOLDS, b. May 3, 1905, Yakima Co., Washington

5) Charles Francis REYNOLDS b. Sept 18, 1914

4) Lelia Alice Morgan b. Oct 23, 1879 m. Joseph GRICE, June 12, 1910.

5) Violet GRICE b. May 1911, Whatcom Co., Washington
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Pennsylvania Records of York and Lancaster Counties
1) Absalom and Ruth Ann ELLIOTT m. in 1788

2) Anna ELLIOTT b. 1789 m. Felix BOUICOURT in 1807 in Indiana

2) James ELLIOTT b. August 11, 1791 m. Nancy A. SHIELDS, December 1815 at Salem, Indiana

2) Absalom ELLIOTT b. 1793 m. Polly SPEAR in Clark Co., IN

2) John ELLIOTT b. 1795

2) Samuel ELLIOTT b. 1798

The Elliott’s came to southern OH first and later settled in Southern IN in 1804.

Aaron Van SCOYOCK, a cousin of James ELLIOTTT lived in Southwest OH.

1) Robert ELLIOTT b. in Chesterfield Co., South Carolina in 1789 m. Elizabeth CAMPBELL.

2) Elizabeth Jane ELLIOTT b. Washington Co., IN, Aug 25, 1826 m. Ezekiel LOGAN SHIELDS in 1848.


Samuel, the sixth child was born in 1800. He married and had two children, later separating from his wife. He is spoken of as being “the only Shields known to prove unfaithful to his marriage vows. It was thought he went to Illinois with Joseph in 1836 or 37.”

The three younger children were Rhonda born in 1802 and married Nathan Rose who was associated with John Lindsey in 1829, in building the dam and corn cracker mill for the government, near Rochester, Ind, to provide food for the Pottawatomie Indians.

The several children of the Rose’s were: Ezekiel, Elizabeth, James, Margaret Ann and Cyrus. There may have been more, but as far we have been unable to find any of their descendants. They came to Missouri in the early 50’s or before.

Rebecca Shields, born in 1805, married John Davis near Madison. Ind. They too, came into Missouri along with the Roses or earlier and lived in Westport near Kansas City later taking up land near Atchison, Kansas. The Roses also lived near them and in Buchanan County, Mo., at one time. All race of the Rose family seems to have been lost during the Civil War.

The youngest daughter of Wm. Shield, named Jeannette, called Jenny, married Wm. Williamson. They may have remained in Indiana. We have only the descendants of Rebecca Shields and John Davis as follows:

2) William and Margaret Wilson Shields

3) Rebecca Shields b. 1805 m. john Davis, Madison, Ind

4) Nancy Davis b. 1825 m. Jesse Johnson

5) Sarah Jane Davis m. Samuel jones 1864

6) Lucy jones m. Albert Hunter

6) Parmelia Jones m. Wm. Jennings

6) Adiline Jones, m. a Mr. Oller

6) Albert Jones m. Miss Robertson

6) Samuel Jones m. Ora Gooden

6) Nora Jones m. Mr Green

6) Ruth Jones m. Mr. Jacobs

6) Edith Jones. Mr. Builderback

5) Rhoda Ann Johnson m. Henry Saxe

6) John Saxe m. Nettie Waddle

6) Frank Saxe m. Miss Banks

6) George Saxe

6) Nancy Saxe m. Mr. Fahn, 4 children

6) Dora Saxe m. Oliver Saura

6) Mary Saxe m. Mr. King

6) Ida Saxe m. Mr. Ruttan

6) Amy Saxe m. Anthony banks

6) Jessie Saxe m. Mr. Builderback

5) Albert Johnson m. Albertine Manley

6) John Johnson m. Arvilla Blanche Gordon, K. C. M.

6) Lyman Johnson m. Anna Keating

7) Margaret Johnson

7) Eunice Johnson

7) Preston Johnson

4) Ella Davis m. Wilson Gore Descendants near Centralia, Ks

4) Rhoda Davis m. Jr. m

5) Jasper Meadows, Jr. m

6) Clarence Meadows

6) Perry Meadows

6) Emmett Meadows

6) Strausie Meadows m B.L. Marshall

4) Jonathan Davis m. Lucinda Meadows

4) Elizabeth Davis d. 1888

4) James Davis m. Charlotte Kendall 1868

5) Ivy Davis

4) John Francis Marion Davis m. Sarah Catherine

4) Margaret Jane Davis m. Isaac Tipton Elliott

5) See Elliott’s record for descendants

4) Martha Ann Davis m. William. W. Shields. Second marriage to George Baker

5) Mary Baker m. Adolph Rawls

5) Sophie Baker, single, Hollenberg, Kansas (Died at 106 yrs old)

5) Fredrick baker m. Sadie Swanson, lives near Mayetta, Ks

4) Rebecca Davis b. 1851 m. Richard Belcher

5) James Belcher m. lives at 612 N. 6th, St. Joseph, Mo

5) Lucy Belcher m. Tennyson

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