Shields genealogy Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields


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  1. James Elliott, b. 1791, m. 1815 to Nancy Agnes Shields, b. 1789

3) Elizabeth Ann Elliott, b. 1817. m. 1835 to Isaac Kendall.

  1. Nancy Kendall, b. 1837. m. William Patchen.

5) Rose Patchen b. 1867 m. Asa Andrews, 1880, Reynold, Neb.

6) Albert Andrews. Sally?, Havelock, Nebr.

7) Marvin Andrews

7) Phyllis Andrews

7) Lloyd Andrews

7) Le Roy Andrews

7) Wesley Andrews

6) William Andrews m. Minnie Brockman

7) Alwyn Andrews

7) Ardys Andrews

7) Wayne Andrews

7) Doyle Andrews

7) Clinton Andrews

6) Gladys Andrews m. Mr. Elison

7) Frances Elison

7) Gerald Elison

4) Margaret Kendall b. 1839, died 1857

4) William Kendall b. 1841, died 1862

4) Charlotte Kendall b. 1845, m. 1867 to James Davis

5) Iva Davis b. 1872, unmarried

3) Elizabeth Ann Kendall second married 1854 to John Dunnuck

4) Catherine Ann Dunnuck b. 1856 married 1876 to Peter Peterson

5) Clarence Peterson b. 1876 m. 1907 to Mary Gauby

6) Raymond Peterson b. 1908

6) Lloyd Peterson b. 1911

5) Emory E. Peterson b. 1878 m. 1904 to Mary Harvey

6) Jessie Peterson b. 1906

5) Dorothy Peterson b. 1881 m. 1901 to Maurice Lane

6) Earl Lane b. 1902

6) Frederick Lane b. 1903

6) Milo Lane b. 1905

5) Frederick Peterson b. 1884 m. to Mable Westaby

6) Leonard Peterson b. 1913

6) Earnest Peterson b. 1916

5) Earnest Peterson b. 1887 m. 1915 to Elsa Mount

6) Steven Peterson b. 1916

5) Rosella Peterson b. 1889 m. 1912 to Merle Sherman died in 1922

6) Wesley Sherman b. 1916

5) Rosella Peterson second marriage 1931 to Henry Hollbein

4) Samantha Jane Dunnuck b. 1860 m. 1877 to W. E. Driscoll

5) Cora Alma Driscoll b. 1877 m. 1904 to Harrison Fetter

6) Bernice C. Fetter b. 1908

6) Florence Cordelia Fetter b. 1910

6) Phyllis Fetter b. 1912

6) William Harrison Fetter b. 1915

6) Lawrence Heith Fetter b. 1917

5) Royal Edward Driscoll b. 1880

5) Bertha Ellen Driscoll b. 1882 m. 1904 to H. Sowers

6) Evelyn Hazel Sowers b. 1907

5) William Roscoe Driscoll b. 1884 d. 1902

5) Sarah Catherine Driscoll b. 1886

5) Harvey J. Driscoll b. 1888 m. 1914 to Edna Smock

6) Harvey Wayne Driscoll b. 1916

5) Mary Alice Driscoll b. 1889, m. 1911 to Gus Fountaine

6) Eldon Clark Fountaine b. 1915

5) Alvin Craig Driscoll b. 1893 m. 1916 to Edna Beamer

Three other children died in infancy


Margaret McClintoc, the second child of James and Nancy shields Elliott, was born Feb. 13, 1819. She was named Margaret for the maternal grandmother and McClintoch for the married name of a favorite cousin. She was distinctly of the mental and spiritual type and considered the fairest of the daughters in looks. She married Alexander Asbury Miller, March 7, 1838. He was several years her senior. Miller was a native of Kentucky, from near Louisville. His father and brother were very prominent in the ministry, while Alexander was a fluent speaker and able in prayer.

They were married near Rochester, IN. After living in South Bend, IN some ten years they returned to Fulton Co., where they lived in possibly adjoining counties, until 1863 when they moved to Washington Co., Kansas taking the claim adjoining that of R. E. derrick on the East. They resided here until the little town of Hollenberg, on the Grand Island R. R., was laid out.

They sold the farm and built a home in town in 1872 where Alexander passed away August 2, 1886, His wife Margaret survived him fourteen years, passing away September 1, 1900. They are buried in the family cemetery of the Elliott’s on the Mound west of Spence (a shipping point on the Grand island R. R.).

There were ten children, three died in infancy: Mary Jane, born May 7, 1839; Julia Oranda, Feb. 17, 1843; Harriet Ann, Jan. 27, 1848: James Perry Willis, August 29, 1850, died April 10, 1864; Charles Wesley, April 4, 1852, died March 5, 1881; Deidamia Ellen, Nov. 21, 1857, died September 1887; Adda Geraldine, October 8, 1860, died December 26, 1920 and is buried in Inglewood Cemetery California.

The oldest child of Alexander and Margaret Elliott Miller, Mary Jane, was born May 7, 1838. She had black curly hair and blue eyes, a lovely linger, refined and cultured, gentle, a patient, enduring, loving wife and mother, is my memory her. She married Isaac Newton Hutto, March 6, 1855 in Fulton Co., Indiana. He was a farmer. It is said the name of Hutto is of Italian origin generations past. They were well to do, industrious and frugal. They were musical, especially vocal, no sweeter voice was every heard in Italy or elsewhere then that of Newton Hutto. There was a touch of divinity in the harmony and rhythm of their tones, especially when heard singing together.

Newton served in the Civil War through part of 1864 and 1865 but was only in one engagement, “the Battle of the Pawpaws.” In this battle they captured a thicket of Pawpaws they mistook for the enemy.

The family came to Washington Co., Kansas in June 1866 and homesteaded the farm on Joy Creek 3 miles southwest of Hollenberg, known now as the Alexa Farm. He bought 40 acres of school land making 200 acres in all. Later they sold the farm and moved to Manhattan, Kansas for better environment and educational advantages for their children of which there were 10 who lived to maturity. The religious and social atmosphere was of benediction to any community. The sweet music, the wit and fun was cheering to all.

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Sarah Alice, born Jun 6 1856, married Lester Wimmer while her parents were on a prolonged visit to Indiana near Kokomo, Jan. 11, 1875. They came to Kansas with the family in the Autumn of 1875; Lester was an ordained minister in the United Brethren Church. Alice was of a cheerful, hopeful temperament and a gifted singer, which made her a real helper in his life’s work. At times when he was away she would walk and carry her baby 2 or more miles to superintend the Sabbath School.

Their oldest child, Cornelius, was born October 9, 1875 and married Mary Puterbaugh at Ozawkie, Kansas, December 25, 1902. Their three children are Veta and Velma, twins, born November 6, 1903 at Lawrence, Kansas. Ina Maude, born 1905. He was an editor and real estate man at Eufaula, Oklahoma.

William Newton commonly called William Wimmer, born Feb. 15, 1877, was twice married, first to Appa Slade at Lecompton, Kansas in 1904. They went as missionaries to Africa. Their daughter, Winnifred, born 1905. Sometime after the mother passed away he married Eva Thumman in 1910, at Robinson, Kansas. Two children were born to them, Olive the oldest, was born July 25, 1911 at Ratifunk, Africa. Harry Lester was born April 7, 1913 at Robinson, Kansas. Mrs. William Wimmer returned to Africa later and they carried on the work as minister and teacher at Jaima Via Hanga-Sievia, Leone W. Africa until their son Harry was 7 or 8 years old and had never seen a white child. They returned to the US in Kansas in 1919. William Wimmer continued in the ministry until his death near St. George, Kansas in 1934.

Winnifred Wimmer married a William Thompson and lives at 3711 S. Avalon, Los Angeles, California. Harry Lester Wimmer and Mrs. Wimmer were at Robinson, Kansa. Olive is with the sister, Mrs. Thompson in Los Angeles.

Returning to the children of Lester and Alice HUTTO Wimmer. Charles Irvin Wimmer, born at Harlan, Kansas, March 2, 1882, married Jessica Carmack at Checotah, Oklahoma. He is a railroad man at Muskogee, Oklahoma. Melvina Gertrude born at Hardilee, Kansas, March 25, 1884 married H. E. Smith February 12, 1905. Their four children are Pauline, born December 4, 1905 at Corning, Iowa. Jack Wimmer Smith born February 7, 1907 at Stirling, Colorado. Glen Smith born July 25, 1908 at Stoneham, Colorado. Constance SMITH born September 1910, died February 1917.

Harriett Belle Wimmer born at Alton, Kansas, March 21, 1887, married Archie Smith, June 1905 at Corning, Iowa. Their children are Roy Lester Smith; Haskel; Harold and Ray. All reside near Locksburg, Arkansas.

Harvey Lester Wimmer, born Jan 28, 1889, married Mary Zion, June 3, 1915 at Inavale, Kansas. One child, Viola may, was born July 25, 1916 at Harlan, Kansas. Harvey is a very successful teacher and is now a superintendent of the Agra School. Home address is Alexander, Kansas.

Guy Halbert Wimmer, born at Hardilee, Kansas, December 8, 1890, married Edna Bailey, October 30, 1913 at Gypsum, Kansas. There were no children. By profession he was a Baptist Minister serving his church very successfully at Ottawa and Salina, Kansas. His present work and address is at 8308 So. Justin Street, Chicago, IL.

Sarah Alice Wimmer, the youngest child of Alice and Lester Wimmer, was born October 16, 1896 at Lecompton, Kansas. At the death of their mother she was brought up in the home of her grandparents, Isaac and Mary Hutto at Stillwater, Oklahoma. Here she graduated from High School and also finished a business course. She was married to Thomas Alfred Tripp; son of William Homer and Ada may Hunter Tripp, March 28, 1919. He was born in Brookfield, Missouri, October 5, 1893. A graduate from Oklahoma A & M College, also from the Yale Divinity School. He was a minister in a Christian Church filling various appointments in Oklahoma and Illinois. He has been Pastor of the Congregational Church in Mystive, Conn. the past four years while attending school at Yale.

He was chosen as National Director of Town and Country department of Education in the Congregational and Christian Churches of the United States. His headquarters are in New York City. Their four interesting children are Mabel Alyce, born Feb. 18, 1920 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Homer Alfred, born July 29, 1921 in Ketchum, Oklahoma. Marilyn Agnes, born July 6, 1924 in Oklahoma City. Paul Arnold, born October 17, 1930 in Springfield, IL. Their parent’s address is Pawcatuck, Conn.

Alpheus Zellotees, oldest son of Newton and Mary Hutto was born June 5, 1858 near Kokomo, Indiana. He grew to manhood on the farm on Joy Creek in Washington Co., Kansas. He went with his parents to Oklahoma where he married Ida Edwards, February 21, 1884 at Stillwater, Oklahoma. Their children are George Earl, born February 28, 1896, he was married twice. The first marriage was in 1916, one son, George Eynart, was born 1917. The second marriage was to Beulah Craddock Simmons in 1926, one son John Michel was born to them on April 23, 1932.

The home address is Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. He is Division Superintendent of Oklahoma Gas and Electrical Company at the above address.

Lillian Hutto, the only daughter of Alpheus and Ida Hutto, was born 1905, married William Petty, December 11, 1923. They had one son, William Earl, born July 14th, 1926. William Petty Sr., is legal advisor for the Sun Oil Company, Dallas, Texas.

Alpheus Z. Hutto passed away March 23, 1923 and is buried at Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

Franklin Asbury, third child of Mary and Newton Hutto was born near Kokomo, Indiana February 10, 1859 and was reared on the homestead in Washington Co., Kansas some three miles southwest of Hollenberg. He came with his parents to Manhattan, Kansas in 1880. He graduated from College in 1885, studying law and was later admitted to the bar at Lecompton, Kansas. Later he was appointed by Governor Martin to organize the country of Garfield. He served as county attorney for two years in Garfield county where he met and married Lydia (last name unknown) who was a divorcée of a son of one of the Siamese twins. Later they moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma where he taught for several years in the state college. He was elected to the state legislature, serving one or two terms. Their two sons are Charles, born 1890; and Clarence born 4 years later. Both boys are residing in California. Clarence is a well-known Radio singer living in San Francisco.

After Lydia’s death, Frank married Martha Morris, May 31, 1917 in Durango, Colorado, where he held a government position as head farmer at the south Ute Indian reservation for three years when he was transferred to Klamath Indian Reservation in Oregon. As head foreman and stockman superintending the buying and selling and branding of stock and issuing grazing permits and appraising the land and settling disputes. His wife was a teacher and field matron at the Ute Agency almost ten years. Later they resigned and bought Citrus Fruitlands near Rio Honde, Texas, where Frank passed away in 1935. The wife still resides on the ranch and superintends the work.

Edgar Morton Hutto was born near Kokomo, IN. and grew up on the homestead in Kansas. He attended K. S. A. C. two years or more, teaching school for a number of years afterwards. He was a deep thinker, a man of wise conclusions. He married Mittie Woods, their two children are Mrs. Charles Lance of Los Angeles, CA., and Floyd at home on the little far near St. George, Kansas, since the parsing of his father two years ago.

Mell Hutto Lane is an accomplished musician. They have three children living, one the youngest, passed on at the age of ten. The other children are: Marjorie, married a Brian Dunlevy of Hollywood, Jack Hutto Lane and Robert, of Los Angeles.

Willis Wesley Hutto was born in Indiana, and raised on the farm in Kansas. He graduated from the Kansas State College and was a teacher by profession. As a Hutto he was in demand for singing on all occasions. He married Maude Parker, a daughter of Rev. R. D. Parker of Manhattan. She was an accomplished musician. Their four children are: Louis Hutto, graduate of K. S. A. C., specializing in physical training; Cathy married Elmer Wilson and lives in Kansas City; Mary Agnes and Myrtle Winona Hutto Dodge. There are several grand children but have been unable to get the names.

The first child born to Newton and Mary Jane Miller Hutto on Kansas soil was Alvin Justin, the sixth son, born July 28, 1867 on his grandfather Miller’s homestead. He had the calm even temperament of his grandfather. He was accommodating, honest and obliging; almost too generous for his won financial success. He learned the Bakers trade and followed it for sometime. He married Ellen Hilliard a very successful teacher. Intelligent. Capable and Full of original ideas and wit, yet with all, deeply religious; qualities that made an ideal home for the rearing of a family of four fine boys and two lovely fils that came to bless their home. The oldest one of which passed on after a brief illness. Gladys was a beautiful character and a very promising child.

The second daughter, Garnet Leona, born Aug. 28, 1895 graduated from high school and from K. S. A. C. and got her degree in physical training at Sargent. She taught one year at Kansas State College, met and married Jack Root Church in 1917. After the World War they spent a year or more in Europe. Their children are Anna Virginia, born in 1918; Mary Ellen, born Sept. 20, 1922. Their home is in New York, Manhattan Island; Virginia is a student at Elmira College for girls.

The oldest boy of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hutto was Claude Elton, born October 24, 1896. His life and work is given in his obituary.

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