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After Margaret’s death in 1814, William Shields married Amanda Logan, Sept. 10, 1817. Their children were Sarah Jane, born June 5, 1818; Jesse, born Sept 20, 1820; Ezekiel. Born May 20, 1822 near Madison, Ind.

Sarah Shields the oldest child and only daughter, married James George in 1835, or their several children, five lived to maturity. Garrett Wilson George, born in 1836, died in 1860; Martha Ann George born in 1838 in Salem, Ind., married Caleb Easterling in 1864, their three children were Hannah Katherine, born in 1866, married Howard Witt in 1892; June Witt, born 1895; Katherine Easterling Witt born 1897, married a Mr. Johnson in 1916.

Amanda George, second child of Sarah and James George, was married to William Patterson in 1866 to whom there were born three children: Effie May Patterson born in 1867; Wilbert Petterson, born in 1869, married Frances Kennedy in 1887, their children are Helen, born in 1892, Horace born in 1895 and Florence born in 1897. Amanda married John H. Camplin in 1894, no issue.

Kate George, born in 1852 in Indianapolis, resides at Jamestown, married William Darnell in 1870. Their children are: Oscar, born in 1871, died in 1893; Florence, born in 1873, married John F. Hall in 1888, he died in 1916. She resides in Long Beach, Cal. Their children are Richard Malcolm, born 1892; Ina May, born in 1895, married Frank Snyder in 1913; John Franklin Hall, born in 1910; John Franklin Hall, born in 1901 and Florence Margaret, born in 1905. The second child of Kate and William Darnell was George Rosco Darnell, born in 1882, married Elsie Alice Heath in 1901; Wilbur Floyd Darnell, born 1884, married Blanche Jackson in 1904, they have two children: George William, born 1905 and Ina Blanche, born 1914. Kate Darnell, the last child of Kate and William Darnell was born in 1890. They reside at Mooresville, Ind. Their children are: Howard Darnell Champlin, born 1912; Gene E. Champlin, born in 196; Marion Reid Champlin, born in 1917.

Jesse Shields, the oldest son of William and Amanda, was born at Madison, Ind., Sept. 20, 1820. When a lad of 9 years, on the death of his parents, the children were taken to live with the mother’s relatives in Washington Co., Ind. On the way, he escaped from the covered wagon and ran away, going to his half sister’s, Nancy Shields Elliott, going with them and other relatives into northern Indiana. He grew up in the vicinity of Rochester and married Catherine Welton, who died with her babe in 1845. Later he married Margaret Robbins. There were five children.

Jesse Shields was well known in Futon County and highly respected. He was a leading merchant in Rochester, also had large interests in land and stock. He was a member of the legislature several terms and director of important interests in the community. He was known during the Civil War as the poor man’s friend.

After Margaret Robbins death he married Margaret McClung in 1870, which survived him some ten years or more, there were no children.

The following are the children of Margaret Robbins and Jesse Shields: William Jay Shields, born 1852, was married to Frances Killen, they lived at Rochester, there were two children: Leroy and Harry K. Shields who married Mary Hurst, they reside at San Jose Ranch, Glendora, Calif. Their three children are: Louis, born 1908; James Shields, born 1910; Margaret, born 1915. James is a very fine student and minister in the Adventist Church. Harry K. Shields was a fine musician and singer over the radio and was employed in evangelistic work. His remains are buried at Glendora, Cal.

The second child of Margaret Robbins and Jesse Shields was Alfred Mead Shields, born in 1855, married Elizabeth Miller.

Clio May Shields was born in 1857, married Charles Kochendorfer. They resided many years in Ohio where he was telegraph operator. Their only child, Fredrick Koechendorfer married Emma Hupp. They resided in Chicago where he was employed with the Western Electric Co. Several years ago he was chosen by the company to assist in the installation of the Bell Telephone System in japan. Their first child, Charles died there and Mary, the daughter was born in Japan in 1914. She is now a graduate from the University of Berkley California and their home is at Glendora. California.

From J. A. Shields History

Ezekiel Logan Shields, the second son of William and Amanda, was born May 20, 1822 in Washington Co., Ind. He married Elizabeth Jane Elliott April 3, 1848. In 1871 he brought his family to Jackson Co., Kansas, eventually settling at what is now known as Shields Grove, nine miles southwest of Holton, Kansas. Like all the pioneer settlers of Kansas, he met with reverses in the way of drouths, grasshoppers, cyclones and extortionate rates of interest. Shield’s grove, known and seen fro miles around, is a grove of fine maple trees set out on the highest point in Jackson County. His remains are buried in the Holton Cemetery.

His five children; are Sarah E. Shields, born in 1850, died in 1893, she married James W. Little, a leading farmer of Jackson County, living on a large farm two miles west of Shields Grove. Their four children; were Lucy, who married Fred W. Putman, they now own and live on the old Shields home farm. The Putman children are: Charles, born in 1899; Paul, born in 1900; Mabel, born in 1908.

The Little children are: John E. Little married Nellie Good, one son Felix, born 1908. They lived on the old James Little farm southwest of Holton. Arthur O. Little married Lois Highley, they were farmers for a while. He died from blood poisoning resulting from an injury to his hand from a piece of farm machinery. Mrs. Little moved to Idaho in 1905. Jerome Little, born in 1884 graduated from the Holton High School and attended the University of Kansas. He married Edity Pagel; they live on a part of the old James W. Little farm. There were no children.

Garrett William Shields, oldest son of Ezekiel and Elizabeth Jane Elliott Shields was born in 1851 in Washington County, Ind. In 1871he settled in Jackson Co., Kansas with his father. He was married Feb. 12, 1874 to Fannie P. Stalker from Ind. They settled on the Shields farm two and one-half miles from Adrian, a country store and post office, where he lived until 1904. Fannie died in Sept. 1882 and on Dec. 11, 1883 William married Mary Bennett. Three girls were born to the first marriage: Dora Theodosia; Estella May and Effie Felicia. Dora married James Davis Lewelling in 1895. He was a Welch immigrant of the well-known Lewelling family of that country. They live six miles north of Delia, Kansas on a farm. Their children are: Mary Elizabeth, born 1897; Fannie M., born in 1899; Roy Williams, born 1901; Evan Shields Lewelling, born 1904; Edith May, born 1909; Elsie Marie, born 1913.

Estella May Shields, born 1877, married Albert M. Walt, Dec. 2,1894, they now live near Grove, Kansas. Their children are Eva M. Walt, born 1896, married James Otto Holmes in 1917. Velma Blanche Walt, born 1898; Celic Albert, born 1901; hazel Irene, born 1906; Goldie Lucile, born 1904; Ivan Orval, born 1908; Grace Opal, born 1910. All are graduates of the high school and also College students; Louie William Walt, born 1913; Donald Shields Walt. Norn 1917.

Effie Felecia Shields, born in 1881, married Marion Lasswell; they lived near Tecumseh, Kansas. She passes on in 1916. Their children living are: Edna Marie, born 1906; Elsie May, born 1909.

Garrott William and Mary Bennett Shields had five children, four lived to adult age.

John A. Shields, born Dec. 17, 1884, graduated from the Ottawa University at Ottawa, Kansas in 1913. He was a demonstrator or typing at the St. Louis Fair. He has been state Chairman of the Prohibition Party in Kansas, Nebraska and Minnesota. He was National Secretary of the Prohibition Party for three years. On August 15, 1911 he married Ada Beatrice Vincent at Ottawa, Kansas. Their children are: James Vincent born April 21, 1013; Robert; John Tipton and Nancy.

Jesse William Shields, born July 22, 1887, graduated from Ottawa University in 1916, a teacher and professor. In 1913 he married Grace E. Dague, their two children are Carl Dague Shields. Born 1914 and Mary grace Shields, born 1917, lives at Akron, Ohio.

Elsie Elizabeth Shields, born Oct. 7, 1890, completed a four-year course at Ottawa University in three years with honors in 1913. After teaching a year she married James W. Tanner, Principal of the school at Alma, Kansas where she was assistant teacher. They own and operate a large tract of land at St. John, Kansas.

Mary E. Shields, a daughter or Ezekiel Shields, born in Washington County, Ind., came to Jackson County, Kansas in 1871. After the death of his father he operated the farm for several years at Shields grove. He married Arethusa Dick in 1884. They have five children: Marion William, born 1885, married Evan Bateman and reside near Holton’ Arthur E., born 1891; Otis and Orrie twins, born 1893. Then later married a Faulkener; Sarah, the youngest and only daughter. All the above reside in and around Holton. Kansas.

Margaret Semyra Shields, born in Washington Co., Ind., came to Kansas in 1871. She married George W. Elliott. Their only child, Charity Elliott, married Roy Cline 1902. They reside in Topeka, Kansas.

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