Shields genealogy Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields

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SHIELDS Genealogy

Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields

Our traditional history of the Shields family is that our forefathers came from Scotland into northern Ireland early in 1600, and the descendants were living in Londonderry during the siege of 1685, which lasted 105 days, many died at starvation, and the war under James second lasted until 1690.

Two traditional stories have come down to us from my grandmother Nancy Agnes Shields of how her grandmother told for other terrible food conditions during the siege, that rats sold for one-dollar apiece. Also the pathetic story a little Lad (living with the great grandmother) who had discovered a bunch of "greens" near a wall, after gathering them he returned to the door and was killed. While she grieved sorely for the child yet, "she was never so glad as anything in her life has to have all the greens herself." From these traditions, our branch of the Shields could not have come to America before 1690.
This Scotch ancestry is confirmed by another line of Shields at Bombay, New York whose forefathers came from Scotland into Northern Ireland, County of Kaven, in early 1600
In "Shields History" by John A. Shields, we find from the records a Pennsylvania and Virginia, that John, James and Thomas Shields came from Pennsylvania, Chester County, into Rockingham County, VA.
Garret and Goodpasture History give the marriage of William Shields and Jeanette Parker in Kent County, MD. in 1692 as the parents of James, Thomas and John mentioned by John A. Shields from the "The Chalkley Records of Virginia," as "large landowners." The death of William, the father in 1741 by a following log while helping to erect a house for John is traditional history in the descendants of William Shields, one of the 10 brothers, and father of Nancy Agnes Shields, my grandmother.
Garret and Goodpasture History also give James, Thomas and John, sons of William and Jeanette Parker Shields as land holders in, at that time, Augusta County, VA. James died in 1749 leaving two sons: John and Robert. The later it is mentioned especially as serving as a revolutionary officer all to the war. He married Nancy Stockton in 1761. They had twelve children (1 died in infancy), 10 sounds and one daughter lived to maturity.

Stockton Genealogy

Davies Stockton and his wife Sarah came from the north part of Ireland in early 1700, settling first in Lancaster County, PA. Later in 1734 they came into Rockingham County, now Albemarle County, VA. He was given a grant of 400 acres, of land in that County on March 12, 1739. Their children were Richard, William, Thomas and Hannah. The later married Adam Godylauch of Albemarle. Davies Stockton died in 1769.

Richard Stockton, like his father obtained a grant of 400 acres of land on July 22, 1745 and later other grants. His wife's name was either Anne or Agnes. They had five sons and 8 daughters: David, Richard, Thomas, John and Robert; Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Deborah, and, Winifred, Jemima and Nancy. Nancy married Robert Shields in 1761.

Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields

Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields moved with their family to Sevier County, Tenn., then a part of NC. Soon after the close of the war of 1783 or very early in 1784

Jeanette (or Janet) oldest child and only daughter of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields was born March 7, 1762. The family given in the order of their birth are as follows: Thomas, 1763; Richard, 1764; David, 1766; William, 1768; John, 1769; James, 1771; Robert, 1772; Joseph, 1775; the missing brother in 1778; Jesse, 1782.
Jeanette married Joshua Tipton, son of General John Tipton. Their children were Rhoda, John and Agnes. In April 1793 a call came for volunteers to put down a threatened raid of the Indians. Among those responding were Joseph Shields then a lad of 18 and Joshua Tipton, his brother-in-law. After starting, Joshua rode back and requested Jeanette to name the expectant baby, if a boy, for him if he failed to return. His premonitions were correct; they were ambushed by a band of Cherokee Indians April 18, 1793. Joshua was killed and Joseph Shields was severely wounded. The child was named Elizabeth. What trying days of anxiety were those, testing ones faith and trust in God.
Of Jeanette's family, Rhoda married her cousin, Joshua Shields. Their four children were John Tipton, Nancy, Thomas and Arnet. We have the name of only Nancy's children and those of Arnet's. Nancy became the wife of John Lindsey, his second marriage. Agnes Tipton married William Edwards in 1811; this may have been a relative of Susan Edwards, wife of David Shields.
Elizabeth married John Denbo in 1818. Jeanette moved with her family and others of the Shields relatives, among them her brother James Shields, into Southern IN in 1807, settling first in Harrison County at Brindley Ferry later moving into Jackson County and establishing a fort near the present city of Seymour Co., IN.
John Tipton, only son of Joshua and Jeanette Tipton, married his cousin Jeanette or Jennie Shields, daughter of John Shields.

Descendants of Joshua and Jeanette Shields Tipton

1. John Shields Tipton

1. Rhoda Tipton married Joshua Shields

1. Agnes Tipton married William Edwards

1. Elizabeth Tipton born 1793 married John Denbo, 1818 paragraph

Descendants of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields

Janet, Thomas, Richard and David, children of Robert and Nancy Shields were married soon after the family settled in the fort, as the dates of children born to them are given in 1784 in 1785. Thomas Shields, oldest child of Robert and Nancy Stockton Shields was born in 1763 and married Rhoda (last name not known). He was the only member of his family killed by the Indians. The story as told by our line of the family says he was killed a while plowing corn on his land near the fort. Tradition from those still living in the vicinity of the fort, is that he was shot from ambush on Burch Creek while getting water in his sugar tree orchard with which to boil for sugar. His two little boys, one of whom was named Joshua, saw their father fall and the Indians rush up to scalp him. While the Indians were thus engaged, the boys, eight and ten years of age, unhitched the old blind horse from the sled used for hauling the sugar water and mounted the horse and started for the fort over some of the rougher country in Tennessee. Only by Omnipotent power could this poor old blind horse have reached the fort without falling. Thus the lives of these two brave the boys were saved, they moved to Indiana with Jeanette and family in 1807 or 1808.
Joshua, son of Thomas, one of these brave boys, married his cousin, Rhoda Tipton a daughter of his Aunt Jeanette and Josh Tipton. Upon settling in Harrison County, Indiana, he enrolled in the militia and served in the war of 1812. He was with General Harrison at Tippecanoe where he was wounded in the arm. He died in Cass County, Indiana, Jan. 22, 1852. His wife Rhoda died July 4, 1837. Their children, John Tipton, Nancy, Agnes, Thomas and Arnet of whose descendants we know nothing save of Nancy and Arnet. Nancy married John Lindsey in 1833. Arnet married Jane Irwin, May 11, 1837. Their descendants will be found in the history written by J. A. Shields.

Descendants of Joshua and Rhoda Tipton Shields

1.Thomas Shields m. Rhoda, last name not known

2. Joshua Shields m. Rhoda Tipton

3. Nancy Shields m. John Lindsey, (2nd m.) in 1833

4. Rhoda Lindsey b. April 19, 1834 m. Samuel O'Hara

5. Phoebe O’Hara m. February 17, 1852 m. William Pratt went to New York

5. Martha O’Hara m. a Mr. Crantz

5. John O’Hara, m. daughter of John Graham, Brock, Nebraska

5. Tipton O’Hara, Spokane Falls Washington.

5. Elizabeth O’Hara m. Mr. Berry, Union Mills, IN.

5. Etta O’Hara m. John Pranty, lives in Nebraska.

4. Elizabeth Lindsey. Dec. 14, 1836 m Charles Cole.

5. Adda Cole

5. Helen Cole m. R.C. Wills, Valprasio, Ind.

4. Jane Lindsey b. May 7,1839 m. Isaac Bascom (1st husband); Douglas Edmonson (2nd husband)

5. Agnes Bascom m. Elmer Neudigate, Hoisington, Kansas

6. Fanny Neudigate

5. Charles Bascom

5. Jacob Bascom

5. John Bascom

4. Mary Lindsey b. May 7, 1840 m. Joseph Holmes, Sept. 1865

5. Calvin Milah Holmes b. Sept. 11, 1867 m. Ida. Wagner (1st wife); Elizabeth Keys (2nd wife)

5. Charles Tipton Holmes b February 12, 1870 m. Elizabeth Grogan.

5. Sarah Caroline Ann Holmes b. June 27,1867 m. Elmer Crawford Dec. 20, 1893 at Valley Center, Kansas.

6. Mary Malissa Crawford b. August 8, 1874 m. Jay L. Johnson May 20, 1917, Alva, Oklahoma.

7. George Elmer Johnson b. March 13,1929

6. Edna Winnifred Crawford b. July 19, 1900 m. John Collier, Dec.13, 1919, Alva, Oklahoma.

7. Lena Ruth Collier b. May 25, 1920

7. Eldon Dwight Collier b. June 20, 1921

7. Eula Marie Collier b. July 25, 1931

6. Paul Earnest Crawford b. Nov. 30, 1903 m. Clara Crusinbery July 26, 1933, Alva Oklahoma.

6. Ida Bertha Crawford b. Nov. 30. 1905 m. George Collier, Dec. 31, 1927, Enid, Oklahoma.

7. Jimmy Carl Collier b. Oct. 8, 1931

6. Ora Crawford b. Dec. 2, 1908, Augusta, Oklahoma.

6. Leona Alice Crawford b. Aug. 29, 1912 m. Harold Stevens, April 14, 1931, Fairview, Oklahoma.

7. Billy Lynn Stevens b. July 26, 1931

7. Carolyn Ann Stevens b. Sept. 29,1933

6. Ruth Myrtle Crawford b. June 3,1915

6. Daisy Carrie Crawford b. Dec. 3,1918

4. Arnet Lindsey b. Dec. 15,1841 m. Josephine McLain, daughter of Joseph McLain who was killed in the Battle of Antietam.

5. John McLain Lindsey

5. Charles Lindsey, North Platt Nebraska

5. Ada Lindsey m. Joseph Dunn, North Platt, Nebraska

6. Three children (names unknown).

4. Wingate Lindsey m Louise Campbell

4. Jesse Shields Lindsey m. Emma Shark

5. Arnet Lindsey, Los Angeles, California

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