Sharecropping Notes

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Sharecropping Notes
Sharecropping came about because freed slaves and poor whites wanted to work, but land owners did not have the money.
Landowners had the land and the freed slaves could provide the labor.
What was sharecropping?

  • A worker was able to work for whomever he wanted, but he did not have the needed equipment, seeds, shelter, or even food to feed his family.

  • The worker would rent the land from the landowner.

  • The worker would borrow the necessary equipment and supplies from the landowner at a set price. At the end of a growing season, the worker had to pay back all debts.

  • The worker would sign an agreement with a landowner that stated they would be paid 1/3 of the crop they produced.

  • Whatever was left from the sale of the crops would be used to pay back all debts to the landowner.

What was the problem?

  • Most workers had no idea how to keep track of his debts.

  • Most workers did not know how to shop around for different buyers of their crop. Also, white buyers would often times would not pay a black seller the same for amount of money for their crop as they would pay a white person.

  • Since workers usually did not have enough money to repay debts, they also remained in debt to the landowner.

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