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Shakespearean/Elizabethan Times


Shakespearean England-

Elizabethan Era-

Elizabethan ever detail!-

Life in Elizabethan England-


REF 822.3303 MCC; Dictionary of Shakespeare REF 700.92 LIV (v.1) The Renaissance


Alchemy and Meggy Swann – Karen Cushman King of Shadows- Susan Cooper

Catherine, Called Birdie- Karen Cushman Shakespeare’s Scribe- Gary Blackwood

Matilda Bone- Karen Cushman Blue Avenger Cracks the Code- N. Howe

Midwife’s Apprentice- Karen Cushman Shakespeare Stealer- Gary Blackwood

Shakespeare’s Spy- Gary Blackwood Shakespeare’s Secret- Elise Broach

Nathan fox: dangerous times- L. Brittney Romiette & Julio- Sharon Draper

Mary Bloody Mary-Carolyn Meyer Beware Princess Elizabeth-Carolyn Meyer

Doomed Queen Anne- Carolyn Meyer Patience, Princess Catherine- Carolyn Meyer

Non Fiction

PRO FOR Shakespeare’s Globe

133.4 HIL- Witches & Magic Makers

614.4 HIR- Plagues

614.4 WAL- Epidemics & Plagues

614.4 WAR- Epidemics

709 FIT- Moments in Art: The Renaissance

750 LEV- Renaissance Paintings

792 ALI- William Shakespeare & the Globe

792 ALL- Shakespeare’s Globe

792 GRE Shakespeare’s Theater

792.0942 CUR- An Actor on the Elizabethan Stage

792.0942 WOO A History of the Elizabethan Theater

792 GRE- Shakespeare’s Theater

910 JOH- The History News Explorers (1400-1522, 1500- 1550)

910.92 STE- Magellan

914.04 DAY- Travel Guide to Renaissance Europe

921 SHA; Shakespeare: Man of the Theater

920 WHO; 17th Century: Artists, Writers and composers

921 SHA; Bard of Avon: The story of William Shakespeare

921 SHA; William Shakespeare

940.1 BER- Castle

940.1 MAC- Castles

940.1 MAY- Days of the Knight’s; a tale of Castles and Battles

940. 2 HIN- Life in the Renaissance; The Court

The Countryside

The City

The Church

940.2 MAT Art and Civilization The Renaissance

940.2 DAY Your Travel Guide to Renaissance

940.2 NAT- Women of the Renaissance

940.2 REN- Renaissance and Discovery

940.2 WOO – The Renaissance

942.05 ASH Elizabethan England

942.05 HIN Elizabeth and Her Court

942.105 BAR Shakespeare’s London

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