Shakespeare Lectures 2015-16 (July version): Venues still to be confirmed

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Shakespeare Lectures 2015-16 (July version): Venues still to be confirmed
Lectures at 2 on Mondays and 12 on Wednesdays
Pre-course reading. Please look at the four plays set for the first weeks of term (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Henry V and Dr Faustus) and read about the Elizabethan Stage and the theatre companies, for example in Andrew Gurr, The Shakespearian Stage 1574-1642, 4th edition (Cambridge, 2009). You should purchase Shakespeare’s complete works in either the Norton or the Oxford edition and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and other plays (Oxford).
Week One Wednesday 7 October: The aims of the module; the theatres; the companies (PP)

Week 2 Monday 12 October: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (AH)

Wednesday 14 October: Eyes and ears in Hamlet (PP)

Week 3 Monday 19 October: Henry V (PM)

Wednesday 21 October: Scenic form and Building sequences of scenes: Hamlet Act 3 (PM)

Thursday 22 October Visit to Henry V at Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Friday 23 October 11am post-theatre discussion (chaplaincy: to be confirmed)

Week 4 Monday 26 October: Endings (PP)

Wednesday 28 October: Hamlet (AH)

Week 5 Monday 2 November: Marlowe, Dr Faustus (AH)

Wednesday 4 November: Properties (CR)

Week 6 Reading week

Week 7 Monday 16 November: Marlowe, Edward II (LB)

Wednesday 18 November: Marlowe and Shakespeare (PM)

Week 8 Monday 23 November: Richard II (LB)

Wednesday 25 November: Comparing Richard II and Henry IV (The Rexfactor) (PP)

Week 9. Monday 30 November: Henry IV Part One (and some of part 2) (CR)

Wednesday 2 December: To be confirmed

Week 10. Monday 7 December: Twelfth Night (CR)

Wednesday 9 December: Shakespearian Comedy, Misrule, Cross-dressing (PM)

Term 2

Week 1: Monday 11 January: Measure for Measure (PP)

Wednesday 13: City comedy (SP)

Week 2. Monday 18 January: Middleton, A Chaste Maid in Cheapside (LB)

Wednesday 20 January:  Chaste Maid, comic structure, carnival and Lent (SP)

Week 3 Monday 25 January: Troilus and Cressida (SP)

Wednesday 27 January: Troilus and Cressida in production (SP)

Week 4. Monday 1 February: Antony and Cleopatra (CR)

Wednesday 3 February: Antony and Cleopatra in production (CR)

Week 5 Monday 8 February: Middleton, Women Beware Women (LB)

Wednesday 10 February: Middleton and Tragedy (to be confirmed)

Week 6 Reading Week

Week 7 Monday 22 February: King Lear (AH)

Wednesday 24 February: King Lear and world theatre (Preti Taneja)

Week 8 Monday 29 February: Macbeth (CR)

Wednesday 2 March: Macbeth (AH)

Week 9 Monday 7 March: Coriolanus (PP)

Wednesday 9 March: Coriolanus, Plutarch and Political Theory (PM)

Week 10: Monday 14 March Late Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale (PM)

Wednesday 16 March: The Tempest (AH)

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