Sga formal Meeting: September 11, 2011 Executive Board Report: Laura

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Tentative Motion 1: Claire Grady’s goal for the year is to improve community-administration relations. She would like to create a survey where students have a chance to answer questions about how they feel the administration is doing and if they feel as if they don’t know the administration. This will provide great opportunity for them to get their voice across to improve overall relations.
Tracey Tomlinson brought up that Griffin Zucosky came up with this idea last year, the administration was not too enthusiastic about it last year but Claire wants to start the conversation on the subject again by organizing a committee
Difficulty in creating an organization that will not just create another wedge between administration and students. If people are more aware of the administration’s role and see more transparency and collaboration, positive change could arise.
Peter Landsman asks: will this be an SGA or an All-College Committee?
Justin: the administration can only create All-College committees. We can suggest to them a motion that one be made but the administration has the final say.
Claire plans on discussing the idea with Jed to oversee what the committee is doing.
Roll call vote taken on creating this committee. The motion clearly passed.

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