Sga formal Meeting: September 11, 2011 Executive Board Report: Laura

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SGA Formal Meeting: September 11, 2011
Executive Board Report:

9/11 Memorial Service Tonight 9:11 pm on the quad, SGA should help set up before the service and all are expected to attend

Laura and Justin are pleased with the individual meetings.

Laura has met with Joe Klaus, and decided to continue with dining service committee. Issues to be solved include new water filter as well as new silverware holders to solve shortage problems. Addressing concern s with new Dana in general.

Waterville-Student Relations: Discounts becoming increasingly available.

Dorm presidents: 3 possible survey questions:

  1. Would residents be more likely to shop and eat locally if they got a discount?

  2. Talks of Colby Card swiping being made available at local business

  3. Transportation: is the jitney sufficient? Do you have significant resources to get into town

If students reply positively to these questions, we could begin trial periods on discounts.

Berol Dewdney has been hired as our gender and sexuality resource officer once again. Rehired to serve as support system for Pugh Clubs.

Talks of Gender and Sexuality Resource Center underway.


Laura and Justin met with Dana Roberts and other CVC officers about a fundraising campaign for the homeless shelter in Waterville. Looking for support to build a new shelter. Desire to raise $5000. SGA can help.

Meeting with Student Athletic Advisory Committee to discuss increasing school spirit. First big event is the tailgate on September 24.
State of the College is on September 19 at 7 in Ostrove: publicity starts next week

Reception to follow the presentation with Bro and Dean Terhune

Justin thanks everyone who helped at Hill n’ the Ville for their dedication and efficiency.

Productive meetings with many of the dorm presidents

Sam has been working on Housing Facilities committee to facilitate a better housing process for this year.
Lane: $10,000 was given to Hill n’ the Ville this weekend.

Club Leaders Retreat at the Millet House for all club leaders on Saturday from 10am -4 pm. Bro is speaking at 1. All of SGA is welcome to come for as long as they’d like.

Funding request link is in the process of being updated on the SGA website.
SGA is working with ITS to get dorm printers, dorm damage concerns are causing hesitation. Please email Lane if you feel your dorm deserves one more than another.

Door tags have been distributed and should be taped to SGA members’ doors as soon as possible.

Elections are coming up. Mandatory election meeting for all that are interested on Tuesday at 9 and 10 pm. Please encourage freshman to run…elections will begin the following Tuesday.
Ray: Committees are being pushed this week, as well as state of the college. Table tents have been designed for both to go out on the 16th. Applications will be available on the 19th

200+ people have RSVP’d yes to the 9/11 event so high attendance is expected.

Ray met with Echo editors as well as Dan Sunderland. Productive talks about moving forward have begun.

Both All College and SGA committee appointments are coming up. Every SGA member will serve on a committee. Committees are being updated in description and applications will be available on the 17th. Applications will be due on September 21st. Applications will be emailed to Jess.

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