Sex: Spayed Female Estimated D. O. B

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Medical History for Maya, Animal ID: A714324


Sex: Spayed Female

Estimated D.O.B.: 2/21/14

Looks Like: German Shorthair Pointer Mix

Color: Brown Merle/Brown

Intake Date: 10/21/15

Microchip: No Microchip Implanted

Weight: 40.00lbs

Spayed Date: Unknown

Spayed By: Unknown

Antiparasite Treatment History


Iverhart Plus 25.1-50

Vectra - 3.60cc

Immunization History




Lab Test History


Heartworm Test - Negative



BCS: 5/9 ideal

GENITAL: spayed, tattoo observed

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A714324 has not received a rabies vaccination from Austin Animal Services.

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Behavior Information

"Some information on this report is technical (for staff use) and some observations were made while the animal was under stress. Please ask a counselor if you have any questions."

Animal Name:

Animal ID #

(b) Shelter has observed:

DATE: 10/21/15 15:40


Aggression? No

Level of fear? Low

Level of friendliness? High, very high energy

MICROCHIP: 985112005328537

Initials: EXP

Aggression? No Yes

If yes, what happened?

Level of fear? Low Med High

Level of friendliness? Low Med High



(a) Previous owner or finder reported:

10/21/2015 15:45

Dog's Name: Maya

Dog's Age: 1 year 8 months

Dog's Breed or Mix: German Shorthaired Pointer

Dog's Sex and Status: Spayed Female

What is the main reason for giving up this dog? My husband is currently overseas in the United Arab Emirates. I have a new born baby so don't have the time to devote to the dog to the amount of exercise required.

How long have you had the dog? since 6 weeks

Where did you get the dog? Breeder in N. Texas. GSPsRUs

Does the dog have injuries or health problems? No

Give two things you like about the dog.:

Very loving and loyal

very obedient

Give two things you dislike about the dog.:

High energy.

Jumps fences.

Around children, this dog is:

- Relaxed or affectionate

- Usually tolerant

- has been living with Newborn, 5, 8, 13: Will try to jump on them at first but will calm down after a bit

Around cats, this dog is: Unknown

Around other dogs, this dog is:

- Relaxed or affectionate

- Respectful

- Very tolerant

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- Has been taken around to dog parks

Is the dog house-trained? Yes, very, sits at door and whines,

If the dog has 'accidents', how often? Rarely / Never

This dog prefers to be: Mostly indoors

What is this dog's activity level? Very high activity

Which of the folowing describes this dog? Mark all that apply.:

- Playful

- Affectionate

- Shy

- Friendly

Reaction when someone touches food bowl, toys or treats.:

- Friendly

- Isn't bothered

Behavior issues:

- Escapes: Jumps fences if left oustide for too long, 8ft wooden fence. Would leave, come back or she would be found before long

- Other

If you chose 'Other' explain briefly: She is trained on E collar, very obedient when collar is on. hard to control when collar is off.

-Very Vocal, not barking but whines

-Is crate trained but hates it, will be very vocal

-Treat motivated but more of attention motivated

-Known Commands:Sit, lay, come, down/off

-Not allowed on furniture

-Use to sleeping in dog bed in bedroom

-Likes toys and games: ropes, tug, fetch, balls

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