Seven peaches: the first seven desert peach episodes

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by Bill Golliher & Rex Lindsey

"Spy Gig": The Archies get their most intriguing gig yet when a secret government agency sends them undercover to thwart a madman's plans for world domination! If you think James Bond has some cool gadgets, wait until you see how the Archies' gear: guitars that transform into scooters, drums that become unicycles, high frequency keyboards, and more! Can rock-and-roll save the world, or are we headed for the final chord?!

FC, 32pg $1.99


by Various

The adventures of America's favorite teen continue with new stories and classic tales by Stan Goldberg, Henry Scarpelli, Jon D'Agostino, and more!

Digest, FC $2.19

BETTY #116

by Kathleen Webb & Stan Goldberg

"Europe at a Glance": Archie is broke again, but Betty comes up with a million dollar idea for their 'date'... they imagine all the things they'd do if Archie wasn't broke! FC, 32pg $1.99

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